Sunday, September 9, 2012

The Big Move - Part 2

With the passing of Grandma Marjorie it moved our move up a week.  So we had to be completely packed in 3 days!!!  Luckily I had already started packing.  But the real luck was all the amazing friends that came over to help pack, brought meals, and watched my kiddos!  You all are life savers and I could not have gotten it all done without you.

This is the Bishops wife.  She is one amazing woman and I had the blessed opportunity to co-direct the musical we did with all the youth.  Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat.  
I still need to do a post on that experience.  Oh my goodness!!! It was incredible and the youth from our ward did a fabulous job!!!  I will miss them all so much!  I love you guys!  

This is one of Eden's favorite friends and babysitter!  She came over to say goodbye to Eden and she even packed up a couple boxes while she was here!  Love her and her family!

As Colby began to break down the kitchen table Eden wasn't far behind.  Eden loves to help the boys.  She will follow right along the moment Colby pulls out the tools.  She loves to take the wrench and walk around the house "fixing" things.

A huge thank you to all the guys that came out and helped load the truck.  They got it done so fast!!!  We were short on space but luckily we still have our trailer for all the rest of the stuff.

And of course we loaded the beast up on a trailer.  There was no way we would attempt driving that thing across country again for several reasons but mostly...GAS Guzzler!

We didn't finished getting the truck or Bronco loaded till about 1am.  Crazy I know, but what makes it worse is Colby was aiming to hit the road at 4 or 5am.  So we turned off the lights about 1am and settled plopped down on our air mattress and slept for a few hours before we were up and at it again.

We loaded up a few more things in the truck and Colby locked it up and hit the road.

Through all of this the kids have really done pretty good.  Eden, of course, is having the hardest time as I expected.  I really felt that over the past few days I had abandoned them.  There was so much to be done and I so many great friends who would let me drop them off watch them for a few hours so I could get some things done.  Another thank you to all who watched my kiddos!  They had fun!  

But.... I was feeling really guilty.  So Eden and I took a little break from everything and went out to have a little fun.  She loves coloring the sidewalks, well, more like she likes to tell me to color the sidewalks while she watches. 

My sister Ryanne had driven up on monday to help us out.  So Colby left Thursday morning and Ryanne and I stayed for a couple days.  We wanted to hit up the zoo one last time and see the new Sea Lion exhibit, which was way cool, and we had a few loose ends to tie up.  

Have I mentioned how amazing my ward is?!?!?  I just absolutely love our ward.  I can easily and honestly say it is the best ward I have been in thus far.  I will miss them all so much.  Truly it was a huge factor in deciding when the kids and I would leave.  I was just not ready to say goodbye and I'm still not.  Just last night I received a phone call from a sister that I absolutely idolize and it made my day.  They made us meals and had us over for dinner our last night there and then a handful of them came over to help deep clean our apartment.  True friends.

Around noon, Ryanne and I had packed the car and loaded up the kids.  As I stood in the doorway and looked back on my home for the last three years exactly to the day, I couldn't hold back the tears.  So many memories were made within these walls.  Good and bad, but they are still all memories.  I looked at the exact spot where Eden started crawling and where she took her first steps.  I looked at the spot on the wall where she spit up and it went everywhere.  I remember standing in the kitchen so many hundreds of times when Colby would come home and sweep me up in his arms and kiss me hello.  Every square inch has a memory that will never be forgotten.   

 (Our last picture in our empty home.)

But there is good news to all of you in St louis!!! Colby will still be there for 6 more weeks.  So if anyone would like an extra dinner guest I am sure he wouldn't mind and I would be so grateful!!!

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