Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter 2013

This past week we had a special treat!  

NANA and PAPA came to visit!!!
The kids loved it especially Eden.  She was laughing and smiling non-stop while they were here.  I was too because I was loving the extra help with the kiddos.  Sometimes you just need a break...right?

We did all kinds of fun things with them!
Shopping at the outlets, birthday party, seeing old friends, went to Casa Bonita (similar to the Mayan), temple, more shopping, more temple and of course all the Easter Festivities! 

After a very busy week, Friday night we did out traditional Glow-in-the-dark egg hunt.  We started it last year and Eden loved it!  You just knot glow bracelets and put them inside plastic eggs!  So fun!

Saturday morning we had a big family breakfast and head over to the neighborhood clubhouse.

They had Mr and Mrs Easter Bunny there!  However, for those of you who live in St Louis, Eden was very disappointed that this bunny did not arrive in a helicopter. :(  She talks about it all the time!

They had a few activities for the kids. 

As well as a balloon artist.  Can I just say, she was the best I have every seen!! 

Then we headed over to our good friends house for the kids egg hunt!  Several young families in our ward got together and had an egg hunt.  They have a huge yard so it was perfect! 

The weekend was absolutely beautiful!

Oh how I just love this smiley boy!!!


Sunday night we headed up north to my Aunts house.  Haven't seen all my aunts, uncles and cousins in years!!! It was so good to be with all of them and Eden loved playing with all the kids.

I was so mad though because I brought in my camera but forgot to take pictures.  I guess we were all just having to much fun!

Me with a couple of my cousins!
It was a wonderful Easter and I so much enjoyed having my parents here.  (But I really did miss not having my sister here.) I didn't want them to leave.  They are always such a big help and do so much for us. 
 They truly spoil us!! 

 Happy Easter to all and my we truly remember the reason for the Season.

He Lives!  All Glory to His name!