Sunday, June 9, 2013

May Recap

*We had a lot of fun in May*
It all started with a Rockies game.  Some friends of our had some tickets and took us along.  The seats were awesome!  4th row behind the Rockies dugout.  The kids did great and we had a fun night.
The kids did great and we had a fun night.
Second fun thing...Mother's Day!


If you can see in the picture, Eden made me a necklace out of fruit loops in nursery.
The next fun thing we did was on Memorial Day. There is a big park here in Denver called Washington Park or Wash Park.  It is similar to Liberty Park in Salt Lake or Forest Park in St Louis.  Huge park with a lake, trails, sand volleyball, parks etc. 
So before we left we packed a cooler with snacks and drinks and headed out. 
We were there nearly all day.  We brought our bikes along and the bike stroller.  We did a lap around the lake and then we found a shady spot and set up a picnic.  Eden played at the park and then we chilled on the picnic blankets while Colby and his dad road their bikes to pick up a couple subway sandwiches.
Axel's day was thrown off with no morning nap so he was getting a little irritable and tired out.
Eden saw other kids walking in the creek so Poopa thought Eden should take a stroll too!
After lunch we decided to ride the paddle boats while Axel took a little cat nap with Grandma. 
We hit the water and man those boats are harder work than you would think.  Course I was sitting in front with Eden so I was peddling by myself.

Axel didn't sleep very long so we peddled back over to the dock and picked up him and grandma.  Boy that made the peddling much easier. 

Eden loved the boat.  We fed the ducks some tortilla chips so they were swarming all around us and she loved it.
Axel was getting pretty ornery, that life vest on him was anything but comfortable, and the sun was beating down hard so we decided it was probably time to head home.

May was a good month and we did a lot of fun things.  Excited for June as we have a lot planned.
Our first Marketing Event for our Practice
Father's Day
Going camping at Colby's favorite place, Coral Pink Sand dunes.(First time camping with the kids)
Eden starts her gymnastics summer camp
My parents come to visit on their way to the MTC
Eden Starts Swimming lessons!
Thrilled to embark on a new month and new adventures!!!