Friday, May 27, 2011

Catch Up - Easter

Yes, yes, I know I am a little behind.  But better late than never.  For Colby's break we spent it with his family.  Half the time was spent in Denver and the other half was in Arizona.  

Just had to throw in this picture.  Eden loves to play with my night stand and take everything off it.  It is very fun to clean up may I just add.

Anyway, back in March Colby's school held an event called "Hare in the Air."  Usually the Easter bunny comes in a helicopter and lands in the parking lot.  However, it was freezing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So the event was held inside which made it very crowded and very chaotic.  

But they still had a few animals outside for the kids to see.

Many of you may remember when the tornado hit the St louis airport.  Well, we were fortunate enough to take off exactly one hour before it hit.  I remember the pilot saying we had to go a little further east and north to avoid a storm.  I had no idea what was coming though.  I did see some intense storm clouds and lightening from above.  Little did I know what was going on below them.

We arrived in Denver with no problems and spend Easter Sunday with Colby's family.

The Easter bunny delivered!

Colby and his brother had a little fun with Eden while she ate.  All i have to say is I really hope she gets them back someday.

(Play dough)

I must say that I was very impressed with this little girl when it was time for the egg hunt.  We had to do it inside because it was so gloomy and wet.  But she got every single one - with a little assistance -but she picked em all up and put them in the basket.

Colby and his dad then left tuesday morning for Arizona.  Colby's dad bought a business down in Tucson, where they used to live, and it needs a bit of a pick-me-up.  So Colby went down to help him out.  Eden and I stayed in Denver and hung out with Grandma, Aunt Kelsey and Uncle Riley.  Of course the beauty of Denver is that my best friend lives there so obviously I got to spend some time with her and her kiddos as well.
(Part two to come soon.  I hope!)