Friday, February 25, 2011

Picture Perfect

Growing up in my family we hardly had family pictures taken and looking back I really regret that. So i have decided that I will not be like that. I want to always have family pictures updated.  I never did get newborn pics of Eden and everyday I kick myself because of it.  Many of you know that our little girl turned one earlier this year and I was determined to get her 1 year pics taken.  We have a friend, Alma Tait, who is a photographer and she does an incredible job!!!  Please check out her website!  She met us one afternoon and capture many precious moments of our little girl.

No this isn't how she smiles but I sure do love this little pucker face!

My favorite little face!!!

Her favorite thing to do it point at everything and say, "huh"

This is Colby's absolute favorite!

I am sure that you are just aching to see more!! So here is the website if you would like to see them all.  Just enter the password: Johnson

Let me know what you think!!!