Tuesday, January 19, 2010

She is here!!!

Eden Kaylee Johnson
7lbs 8oz 19 1/2 inches
(100% Natural!!!)

She is here and healthy! I will put up the details later!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Baby Shower

First of all, let's be honest, I didn't even expect to have a baby shower. I moved to a new place and made some friends, but I never expected all the love and support from them. Last Saturday they had a baby shower for me and I am so grateful and so appreciative of everyone. Here are some fun pics to enjoy.

Here is the group!
They sent around a little notebook and had everyone right advice in it for me. I love it! They gave me so many good ideas. We had new moms and grandmothers there so I received a lot of good advice. Here is Whitney deep in thought. She has 3 little ones already.
Here are the yummy treats! My friend April makes the most amazing Poppy seed bread!
Whitney Massimini and Patti Hintze
The opening of the gifts:
This was the softest little purple blanket, I think I may use it for a scarf. Thank you Patti!

Another beautiful blanket, crocheted, oh I love it. Thank you Kathy!
This is the cutest outfit given to me by Emily! If you know Emily at all this outfit is totally her. I love it! (she is sitting next to me laughing hysterically about something)
Love the cotton ball on the bum!
Ashley, Sandy and Courtney
Ansley and her son Cohen. I think this is just picture perfect. Thank you Ansley for letting use invade your home for the shower!
The woman in charge. April and I - she was really the first person to take me in when we moved here and her and I have become really good friends. Thank you April for everything!!!
Diane Carter and Heather Blair, these woman are amazing! They made this beautiful diaper cake. I always thought these were so fun. I still haven't opened it yet. I just love it! Good thing the diapers are size 3 so I can leave it up for a little while!
The Logan wives, with the exception of one, (we love her anyways!) and a few that are missing.
It was so much fun and a lot of us hung out for a couple hours afterwards and just gabbed. I have felt so much love from the people here after only living here a few short months. I want to thank everyone for all they have done and continue to do. I look forward to more memories that we will have together!