Monday, December 30, 2013


The month of October started out a little frigid.  Eden was dying to play in the snow and make a snowman, so of course I obliged.  

The kids have really started playing together lately and it is so cute to see Axel crawl up to Eden's table and "color" with her.

                                                The leaves here are nothing compared to the midwest.  Growing up in Nebraska when the leaves would fall, you couldn't even see the blades of grass.  We loved it and loved playing in them.  So naturally we raked up what little leaves came down and indulged.

With the colder temperatures I introduced Eden to hot chocolate.  

Hmmm...........I think she liked it!  I didn't get my mug back after that.


My halloween cuties!!

We tried a new method of pumpkin carving this year and Colby and I are converted!

Power drill!!! Makes it so much easier and faster.  

Colby had Eden write her name on the pumpkin and he cut it out! SO cute!

She also drew the face and he cut it out as well!

  Our ward held a Trunk-or-Treat and of course we love going all out!!  This is perhaps the one time that I really love Colby's car.  With the sound system and lift the kids are just drawn to it!

However, I will say we are quite disappointed with the lack of participation from the other ward members.  In St Louis so many families would decorate their cars and go all out.  But here they do it in the daylight and they hardly decorate their cars.  I will say there are a couple, but come on guys, we need to pick it up!


Our Foxy little girl!!!

The evening of the Trunk-or-Treat was the night of our big revealing.  It was getting harder and harder to hide it so I was grateful to let the cat out of the bag.  

That is right!!!
Johnson baby #3 is on their way coming April of 2014!!

I must give complete credit of the idea of the shirt to my husband!  

He hopes to be the next pinterest sensation!  Ha

Halloween Night finally came and Eden couldn't have been more excited!
She loves trick or treating.  It was absolutely freezing but it didn't seem to phase her.  
She could have gone all night.