Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Purina Farms

This past week my family came to visit during their spring break.  It was soo great to have them here to help with Eden and give her a change of company.

Plus I had lots of meetings and play practices that I had to go to so they were able to spend lots of time with her.

On Saturday, we decided to go for a little drive out to Purina Farms.  

It is about 30 minutes away and they have competitive dog shows, educational family activities, all kinds of exhibits with animals that the kids can pet.  

Since it was Easter weekend of course they had a special visitor that Eden was so excited to see.

No matter if it is Santa or the Easter bunny she always wants to give hugs!

They also took us on a tractor/wagon ride through the entire Purina complex.

These pink little piggies were sooo cute!

We also watched the dog show! I was quite impressed! 

They also had a hog, named "Chops", who ran the agility course.

It was soooo good to have my family here to play with Eden!  I have been super exhausted with the play and this little one inside of me that the help was much need and appreciated!!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

"Hare in the AIr"

A week or so ago we attended the annual, "Hare in the Air" at Colby's school.  Last year the weather was absolutely miserable and they did it inside.  

They have all kinds of activities for the kids.  But the climax of the event is when the Easter bunny flies in on a helicopter.  

Colby had a class that weekend but it is kind of a joke, which is kind of annoying because we are paying for it.  But at least it meant that it wasn't a big deal and Colby could come outside and be with us.  Eden was pretty exhausted that morning as you can see.


Eden loved it and now each time she sees a helicopter she says, "Easter Bunny?"
Eden even got to sit in the helicopter!

Here are some of the other fun things Eden did:

 She got her fireman's hat and got to sit in the front seat!

They had a little petting zoo for the kids.

A man was making balloon animals.

Then the real entertainment came.  They did egg races for all the different age groups.  They started with the oldest and worked their way down so we had to wait a little bit for the 2 yr old bunch.  Boy was it crazy.  The older kids knew exactly what was going on and would jump right in and the race would be over in about 45 seconds.  

However, the 2 year olds were a different story.  Colby prepped Eden as much as he could.  She did surprisingly well last year when we hid Easter eggs at home, but she had never seen anything like this.  We weren't really sure how she would respond.

Well, the cannons sounded and they were off, well, sort of!   It was so cute because the parents were trying to tell their toddlers what to do and it wasn't really registering.  Eden got the idea of picking up the eggs but when you see what she does next how could any mom be more proud!

Check out the action! 

I was a little annoyed because parents were not permitted to come inside the hunt area and after about a minute they all started climbing in.  But Eden was doing fine and luckily one of our friends was volunteering and he was able to help Eden pick up eggs.  

Once it was over we opened all her eggs.
 In a few of the eggs they had a "Prize Certificate"  and Eden got one! 

Here she is handing her certificate to the lady to pick up her prize.  She got a bag of goodies and a huge bubble wand! Which was perfect because Eden loves bubbles!  Every time she takes a nap or goes to bed for the night we have to blow bubbles over her crib.  It has become a part of our routine.

Last, but not least, we were able to finally meet the Easter bunny!  As soon as Eden saw him while we  were standing in line she would ask if she could hug the bunny.  So cute!!!  I am so glad that holiday symbols and animals don't scare her.

It was a beautiful day and I am so glad that Eden was able to participate in her first and last year of "Hare in the Air."