Friday, April 24, 2009

Cake Decorating

II am a high school teacher and right now I am teaching a Nutrition and Foods II class.  They just finished their unit on cake decorating and didn’t do such a bad job.  I was actually quite impressed with some of the work they did.  Here they are….   (oh, I am missing one. L)


Monday, April 20, 2009

St Louis!!!

By now everyone knows that we are moving to St Louis Mo!  Whooptie Whoop!!

So Colby and I are actually looking into buying a condo.  We have punched the numbers and discovered that it would be more advantageous to put money towards establishing equity than throwing $30,000-40,000 away to rent.  We just hate the idea of renting and leasing.  In addition to that it is a buyers market and there are some really good deals going on right now.  Plus I would love to paint and make it our own home.


We are also looking into buying a trailer too.  So many of our friends that have moved have forked over anywhere from $1700-$3300 for a moving truck.  Ahh! Again, throwing money away!  So we are going to buy a trailer and then sell it when we get there.  I must admit, at first I did not like the idea but I am really warming up to it.   We don’t have many big things to move considering we sold our couches, dresser and maybe our washer and dryer.   Colby and I are frugal bugs and try not to buy little doo dads that are just not necessary or can wait.  We have learned some really great helpful hints and tidbits to saving.


I am so excited and cannot wait.  The magical day is not until the end of July but I will be done with school on June 5th and then I will just be doing some late spring cleaning and getting ready for the big move.