Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Vacation

We took a little vacation at the end of August to visit Colby's family.  So we flew in to Denver and were greeted by Colby's sister, Kelsey.  She just returned from her mission in the Philippines Bacolod Mission.

She just couldn't get enough of this little girl. 

She had a little competition with her brother, Riley. He is the youngest of Colby's siblings.  He tried stealing Eden at church so that the girls would sit next to him.  Smart man

While we were in Denver we gave Eden her first dose of Vegetables, peas!!  She actually like them, despite her mother who absolutely despises them.  Yuck!! 

As we were in Denver Kelsey had created a power point presentation of her mission and Colby's mom had compiled all the picture from when they went and picked her up.  We spent a few hours hearing story after story.   We loved it and it brought back many happy memories for Colby and I of our own missions.

And of course she had to make us some Philippino food!  It was so yummy!!!!  But don't ask me what they were because I cannot remember the names.

A big bonus of going to Denver is that my best friend Jess and her family moved to Denver from Seattle.  Her husband graduated from dental school a year ago and has been in practice for just under a year.  They just bought their first home and it is so beautiful!! I must say I am very jealous.  I have mentioned before that I am sick of the apartment/school scene.  Well, this didn't help.  Her home is incredible and there are just a couple of picture below.  Of course the only picture of the inside of the home is the most important room in my opinion, the KITCHEN!!!  The other is their backyard.  All completely landscape and has a little play ground and every thing.  I cannot wait to join their ranks someday.  I am begging Colby to set up shop in Denver.  I can't stand being away from Jess.  I feel I have missed so much because we have been so far apart since we graduated high school and we decided that we are going to be next door neighbors so our kids can grow up together.  I am always keeping my fingers crossed!  

Nearly the entire time in Denver I was outside.  NO HUMIDITY!!!  Gosh it made me love that place even more.  I would sit outside on their swing nearly every time I fed Eden.  They recently just relandscaped the yard and it looks incredible!  So i had to be out and enjoy it.  Colby and I would sit out on the swing and stare up into the sky and talk about what it will be like to have our own home and a backyard with our own swing where we can make tons of memories with our own children.  Can you tell I'm "home" sick.

After being in Denver for about a week we drove to SLC.  Gosh I miss having the mountains right outside your front door.  

Here is Eden with Colby's mom.  Looks at those cherubic cheeks!!

There Eden met many of her great Aunts and Uncles.  He she is with Julie and Riley again.

I couldn't come all the way to SLC without visiting my ol stomping grounds (especially after hearing Kelsey talk about hers).  

It was amazing to be back on the square and feeling the spirit of that magnificent place.  Funny, I actually ran into Jess's Mother-in-law as well as a sister that I had served with.  We saw the new display, that I am so jealous of.  What an amazing teaching tool!  I wish I would have had that.  I talked with many of the sisters and it has had a great response.  The operation of the the mission has changed quite a bit. I think I like the changes and it would have been interesting to try it out the way they do it now.  

What a good return missionary Kelsey was.  She took the time to teach Eden about the Savior while looking at the Christus.

This is Colby's cousin Brianne with her two little ones and one on the way.  Due this month!

Her little guy Jace is about the cutest little boy I have every seen!

He was soo cute and brought Eden all of her toys.

Eden was in for a very special treat.  She was able to meet her two great-grandma's,  


This is Majorie.  This woman is amazing!  She had 7 boys, she is 92 and still kicking!!!

Our trip was wonderful and well worth it.  I needed it and it was so nice to be with so much family.  I am jealous of Colby in that way.  He has always been close with his aunts and uncles and cousins and I feel I have hardly seen mine.  His family gets together for all the holidays and birthdays.  It is so much fun, but I know all of his extended family and he only knows a few of mine.  I really hope that we end up living close to family.  I cannot wait until finally some day we settle down and have a place to call home.    

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On August 23 Colby and I celebrated our 3rd Anniversary.  We were in Denver with Colby's family at the time and we were planning on going up to Vail and staying in a friends cabin.  However, that kind of fell through.  But that is okay because I was still nervous about leaving my little girl for a night.  I know she would be okay, but i'm sure some of you can relate.

Instead Colby took me to Maggiano's (Italian).  It is a place I have always wanted to try and it was yummy.  Then we went and saw a the new "Karate Kid" movie which we loved.  Then we headed home and Colby's mom made us a Banana Blueberry cream pie!  It was so yummy!  Thank you Susan and thank you for watching Eden for the night!

So here are some pics to celebrate the the few years we have shared together

August 23, 2007

 (2008)  In-laws treated me to Disneyland for my college graduation present.  It was my first time!

(2009) One of our many times in Nauvoo


Here's to another year!!! I love you Babe!