Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Down to every week!

Well, I cannot believe, I am down to once a week visits to the Doctor (35 weeks along). Yesterday, after our doctors appointment we did the tour of the hospital so we would know where to go depending on the time of day I go into labor and where everything is for when we are there. They showed us the nursery and there were only 3 babies in it. They were all adorable of course. It got me excited for the day that our little girl would be in there too! But I must admit, I was having a thought that, "what if they give me the wrong baby!" I know I know, dumb. But I couldn't help but think of the movie Big Buisness, if anyone remembers that movie.

But I am glad that we took the tour. They have a beautiful facility that is very homey. The rooms are beautiful and have wooden floors instead of nasty linoleum. Also everything happens just in that one room, labor, delivery and recovery so you don't have to move anywhere. Plus, they have jacuzzi rooms. Yea, I think I will be requesting one of those, talk about relaxation.

So we are getting down to the wire. My goodness I cannot believe it!