Thursday, March 14, 2013

Colby's 29th Bday

The most miserable 3 months of the year are Dec 10 - Mar 8th. 

Why, you may ask?  Because for those 3 months Colby can sit and brag that I am 2 years older than him.  This year has been especially fun because I turned 30! So he brags what an old lady he is married too.  And to think I have to put up with this for 1 whole year! dah!

It was kind of lame because Colby had to work on his birthday.  But his mom and I and the kids surprised him at work with balloons and a Jamba.  We were only able to visit for a few minutes as he was booked with patients.  I begged him to ask to leave the last couple hours open so he could come home and spend some family time on his birthday but to no avail.  He didn't get home till 730ish.  

So we forced his dinner down him quickly to we could get to the presents.

His mother bought Colby a dry spine that he has been wanting for a couple years now, however, it is on back-order.  So she took a key chain instead to give him the sneak peak of his present that is yet to arrive. 

A couple of months ago I decided for his birthday I would have all of his diplomas framed for him.("All?" You may be questioning.  Ahh, yes!  There were 4 to frame.)  Thanks to the contributions of my parents and sister we were able to get the diplomas framed for him; but he has about a dozen other certificates and awards and we decided we would work on those later.

Here they are!

Top: Doctorate of Chiropractic (Logan)
Bottom Left:  Bachelors in Life Science (Logan)
Bottom Middle: Bachelors in Biology (BYU-Idaho)
(We left BYU-Idaho before he graduated.  He worked out a deal with Logan and BYU-I that his credits would transfer back so he could still receive his undergrad from BYU-I even though he was attending Logan.  Sweet Deal!!!)
Bottom Right: Master in Nutrition and Human Performance (Logan)

I wanted to do something special with is Honor Sashes/cords so I assembled them with is tassels, cap, and medal in a shadow box.  He new about the frames but had no idea about the shadow box.  

Now we just have to get everything else framed!  Dah!

Birthday tickles

Colby has never liked cake, so this year I was finally able to find the ingredient to make his favorite pie!!!

Rhubarb and Strawberry Pie Recipe

Needless to say..............He LOVED it!  

A couple days later we were able to have some friends over for food and chatting to celebrate his birthday.  I hope it was a good one for him!  I love you babe!!!

Happy Birthday and enjoy your last year in your 20's!  Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Project - Countdown to Kisses

Since moving to Denver I was determined to start a craft group.  A friend and I decided to start a pinterest group.
Ahh!! I was so excited!  

How many of us spend all kinds of time on pinterest but then never do anything with the things we pin?!?!  I am sure there are many.  So we decided to do something about it.  We get together at least once a month if not twice, and one person is in charge of the craft and gets all the supplies for everyone else.  Then we get together on a night where the hubbies can stay home and be dads and the moms can get together and CREATE!

Last month we made "Countdown to Kisses" Boards.  

I used my silhouette to cut out the heart pockets and the vinyl.  We painted out boards and then with a combination of mod podge and hot glue we secured the pockets onto the board. Then we tied each heart with a piece of ribbon. In each pocket we put a hersey kiss.  

Some girls did their boards pink and some also did them horizontal.  
I really love how it turned out!!! 
I love getting into every holiday and I love countdowns.  I think it is a great way to get the kids involved and it gives them something to look forward to everyday!

I have really enjoyed this group!!!  Not only do we get together and work on various projects but we also get together at least once or twice a month for a girls night out!  Lets be honest we all need girl time!

Stay tuned for this months project!

8 Months

Another month has come and gone!

Here is my sweet 8 month old baby boy!

Look at those teeth!!

Lately this lil bugger has been driving us crazy.  During the day he takes his naps just fine.  But come night time he doesn't want to sleep.  He cries the moment you take you hand off of him and walk away.  The other night we eventually set up the pack and play and put him in our room because we didn't want him to wake Eden.  He slept okay for a couple hours but then still would cry and eventually ended up in our bed!  Dah!  I don't understand why he is like this at night.  Perhaps he is smarter than we think and is messing with us. We have a few things we can try and then we shall see...

8 Months:
Wears 9-12mo clothes
Still in size 2 diapers but does 3 at night
Takes 2 naps
Still loves people and hates being left in a room alone even if surrounded by toys.
Loves fruit and especially  his cereal
Drools like a dog
Been constipated quite a bit lately - to the point of crying
Loved on constantly by da da and big sister.

I love my babes!!!