Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last Friday I met up with my family in Nauvoo Illinois.  Unfortunately, Colby was not able to go because he had a seminar that weekend.  When we were little my parents dragged us around to all the church history sites.  Of course at the time we moaned and groaned about it, but I am so grateful.  I have seen some memorable places that have a sweet spirit because of the early pioneers who settled there.  But Nauvoo is one of our favorite places to visit.  We have been going there about 3(+-) times a year for the last 20 years or so.  We know all the ins and outs and absolutely love it there. In fact my sister and I can still recite the old pageant word for word. 

With all the many things there are to do there, an absolute must is eating at the Hotel Nauvoo Buffet.  In is so YUMMY!!!  My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  It is an old fashioned hotel with the cutest old style rooms upstairs and then the buffet is downstairs.  It is such a fun atmosphere and gobs and gobs and good cooking.  My absolute favorite thing is the cinnamon rolls.  It is the first thing I put on my plate and the last thing I eat.  

Even Eden was able to enjoy the water, and a few licks of some cantaloupe from Nana.  Yeah, mom, I caught you!

After dinner we went and watched, "Sunset on the Mississippi," a cute little show put on by the YPM (young performing missionaries) and the senior couples.  There are so many fun shows in Nauvoo during the summer.  

Another must is Carthage.  It is about 25 minutes away and it is a beautiful drive along the river.  But we also like to take the Martyrdom trail to get there.  It is the trail that Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum were brought back to Nauvoo on after they were killed.  A long time ago scouts marked the trail with posts.  Each post has a mile marker number on it and a silhouette of the prophet.  Every time we would go to Nauvoo we would always stand next to the post that had our age on it.  We were going to take one of Eden next to the "1" and turn it into "1/2" but she was getting a little fussy and we had to go.  But we will get it.  

This picture is taken through one of the original bullet holes on the door and that is the window that the prophet fell from.

Generation picture outside of Carthage

Typically we have always gone to Nauvoo on Ryanne's birthday so she has about 8-9 horse shoes.  Jordan and I were always annoyed.  When you go to the Blacksmith shop they make a horseshoe during the tour and give it to someone.  Since it was always Ryanne's birthday she always got them. :( 

Anyway, she asked me to make my yummy fruit pizza for her.  So I made it with 32 strawberry's.  Her favorite fruit!

Funny shirt!  Only in Nauvoo would see this. (and maybe a few other places)

And of course you have to do the carriage ride!  Eden loved it and did so well!

It was so beautiful there despite the ridiculous humidity!

Loving the carriage ride

Main street down to the river (this is not Parley street or the Street of tears)

These were our Senior Elders who drove the horses.  The horse on the left is Rambo - he needed a little chastising during the ride.  Dancer is on the right.

Last but not least, the beautiful temple.  I remember running around these grounds before the temple was rebuilt and imaging what it looked like.  We were able to work at the open house and went through it several times.  Each time I see it is absolutely astonishing!! 

Even though I have been to Nauvoo a million times each time I go is so special.  For me Nauvoo is not just a place to see but a place to feel.  There is such a special spirit in that little town.  To walk where those early pioneers and the prophet walked.  

"Nauvoo, the city beautiful!"

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It has kind of become a tradition that when my sister is in town we make a long list of things to do and we get a bunch of little projects done that I couldn't do on my own and Colby doesn't have time to do.  

The first project was recushioning our kitchen chairs.  They are just about 3 years old and the padding was worn down pretty bad as you can see.  it was about 3/4 of an inch thick and we substituted it with 2" thick high density foam.

Just a little bit of a difference... yeah right!  It is so much better!  I actually enjoy sitting on these chairs now.  If only my feet could reach the floor.  But of course they are the perfect height for Colby.

Project #2 is part of a larger project(Making My Home Feel Like a Home).  Our apartment has kind of a weird floor plan and I have been experimenting with different things to make it work.  I think we are getting closer.  

So I inherited a couple of 4X4 shelves from a roommate and Colby and I removed the pegboard from the back and painted them black when we first got married.  We left the pegboard off and the back was always open.  Never really liked it but never took the time to fix it.  Finally, we got some 1/4" plywood and we painted it and nailed it on the back.  I think the shelf looks sooo much better and with it we made an imaginary wall to break up our long room.  I will post pics of it all when the process it complete and I feel satisfied with it.  

Well, in the process of the painting, my sister and I did what you typically do after painting.  We started to rinse out the roller and brush.  Well as soon as I grabbed a hold of the roller the thought struck me.  WE USED OIL BASED PAINT!!!

Well, as you may know, oil based paint doesn't just wash off. :/ 

As we waited for dad to get the turpentine, (i'm so glad that I can just walk through the trees behind my apartment and there is ACE Hardware), the paint just dried and soaked into our hands.  Does anyone remember a mormon ad like this???  
Luckily it all came off, and of course we had to lotion up like crazy afterwards because paint thinner really dries you up.  

Project #3 Making My Home Feel Like a Home

My mother brought me beautiful plants.  So the fern went from this....
 to this!

Then I also got a Peace Lily, I love these, and re-potted it as well!

(I have one more ivy that I need to get replanted too!)

Project #4 Hair 

Always when my sister and I get together we always mess with our hair.  We have taught ourselves to do it after 14 years and trying out different things with each other and lots of friends, and I don't think we are half bad.

Lastly, I have been on a blueberry fix.  Made these yummy waffles with a blueberry sauce.  MMM mmmm!  They were tasty!

Well, stay tuned.  She is coming to visit again, and we've got more fun things to do!