Wednesday, August 4, 2010


It has kind of become a tradition that when my sister is in town we make a long list of things to do and we get a bunch of little projects done that I couldn't do on my own and Colby doesn't have time to do.  

The first project was recushioning our kitchen chairs.  They are just about 3 years old and the padding was worn down pretty bad as you can see.  it was about 3/4 of an inch thick and we substituted it with 2" thick high density foam.

Just a little bit of a difference... yeah right!  It is so much better!  I actually enjoy sitting on these chairs now.  If only my feet could reach the floor.  But of course they are the perfect height for Colby.

Project #2 is part of a larger project(Making My Home Feel Like a Home).  Our apartment has kind of a weird floor plan and I have been experimenting with different things to make it work.  I think we are getting closer.  

So I inherited a couple of 4X4 shelves from a roommate and Colby and I removed the pegboard from the back and painted them black when we first got married.  We left the pegboard off and the back was always open.  Never really liked it but never took the time to fix it.  Finally, we got some 1/4" plywood and we painted it and nailed it on the back.  I think the shelf looks sooo much better and with it we made an imaginary wall to break up our long room.  I will post pics of it all when the process it complete and I feel satisfied with it.  

Well, in the process of the painting, my sister and I did what you typically do after painting.  We started to rinse out the roller and brush.  Well as soon as I grabbed a hold of the roller the thought struck me.  WE USED OIL BASED PAINT!!!

Well, as you may know, oil based paint doesn't just wash off. :/ 

As we waited for dad to get the turpentine, (i'm so glad that I can just walk through the trees behind my apartment and there is ACE Hardware), the paint just dried and soaked into our hands.  Does anyone remember a mormon ad like this???  
Luckily it all came off, and of course we had to lotion up like crazy afterwards because paint thinner really dries you up.  

Project #3 Making My Home Feel Like a Home

My mother brought me beautiful plants.  So the fern went from this....
 to this!

Then I also got a Peace Lily, I love these, and re-potted it as well!

(I have one more ivy that I need to get replanted too!)

Project #4 Hair 

Always when my sister and I get together we always mess with our hair.  We have taught ourselves to do it after 14 years and trying out different things with each other and lots of friends, and I don't think we are half bad.

Lastly, I have been on a blueberry fix.  Made these yummy waffles with a blueberry sauce.  MMM mmmm!  They were tasty!

Well, stay tuned.  She is coming to visit again, and we've got more fun things to do!


Nate and Ash said...

How fun! I can see why you would look forward to having your sister come to visit! What did you hair look like once dry?

Tari McDonald said...

The Mormon add was about gossipping and how it's not fun to pass it on, but it was people passing tar around. Good luck on the redecorating stuff. I'm really excited to start once we finally move into our own place!