Tuesday, June 26, 2012

It only took 3 years!

For those of you who live in St Louis prepare yourself for a shock......

We went to our first Cardinals game!!!

Ha ha I know I know we have lived her for 3 years...But please don't be offended.  We never jumped on that Cardinal bandwagon.  Baseball is not our favorite sport to watch and to make matters worse we didn't even think to wear red.  All it was when we got there was a field of red and white.  Kind of felt like I was at a Cornhusker football game.  AND Colby was wearing white sox colors.  Whoops!

  I grew up going to baseball games all the time and loved it.  But it was still never something that got me super excited and pumped.  Now take me to a basketball or college football game and that is another story!!!

The best part of the entire experience was it was entirely free!!!  A patient was giving away the tickets at Colby's clinic and we got free parking.  Perfect!

Not too bad seats for being free.

I have to tell you about this guy sitting next to Eden.  He has such a great guy.  A cards fanatic and so kind and respectful.  He absolutely loved Eden and couldn't get enough of her.  He couldn't get over how cute she was and that she was eating green peppers and blackberries and washing it all down with V8.  He talked to her the entire time and just loved her!  Eden warmed up to him pretty quickly too and would rest her hand on his shoulder and he would explain everything about the game to her.

It was soo cute!

It was a fun night filled with fireworks, a home run and a win!

(Sorry to my brother, the cards beat the Sox.)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A day to remember...

Colby left the house at 5am this morning to work at a Marathon in Forrest Park, which is equivalent to Central Park in New York.  While there he worked on one of the most famous people in the world. 

He called to tell me this and said that there are very few individuals who don't know who this guy is.

So as expected I was intrigued and started guessing who is from St Louis that everyone knows...

Bob Costas???????????????????  


Mark McGuire???????????????????????????



Yeah right.

Colby came home and showed me the picture.

It is alright to be disappointed 

I was a little too.

Don't know too many people who can pull off a smile and frown at the same time. is a story to tell the kids someday.