Saturday, January 29, 2011

Snow Day!

Colby's school had a snow day last week.  So of course he took advantage and the next thing I know is Eden is all bundled up.  

 She doesn't have a snow suit so Colby improvised. This is what he dressed her in:
1 onesie
1 pair of socks
2 sleepers
1 pair of jeans
1 marshmellow coat
1 trapper hat
2 mittens
a pair of shoes 
(the shoes are normally 2 sizes too big, in this instance they barely fit with all the layers)

We are fortunate enough to have the post office literally in our back yard.  We were mailing a package and played along the way.  Hence the mail trucks in the background.

The poor girl was so padded she couldn't put her arms down.  Even when I leaned over to pick her up she couldn't lift her arms up towards me.  It was really sad but kind of funny at the same time.

Colby made her the human sled.  Check out the video. 
(Just a short one))

She didn't last too long and I am not too sure that she enjoyed the snow.  
But it was a memory.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Look who's 1 - Birthday Blowout!!!

My baby girl is 1 year old!  When did this happen?!?!?  I felt like I was just pregnant with her.  This has definitely been the fastest year of my life.  It is just going by too quickly,  slow down!!!!

When I got Eden up that morning and brought her out into the living room she just stared at all the streamers and balloons.  It was quite funny.  She was so confused and had no idea what was going on and why mom kept singing songs with the word birthday in them all day long.  

 We began her official birthday celebration when Colby got home from school.  She woke up from her nap and we started to feed her dinner.  But she wouldn't take a bite?!?!  She would turn away and rub her eyes and have nothing to do with it.  

So I tried to feed her and she wouldn't do that either.  Obviously, something wasn't right.  So we didn't force her to eat and just played with her for a little while.  Well, it was just as she was showing us her new trick of walking with just holding one of our hands that we figured out what was wrong.  She came to halt and we heard some unpleasant sound effects coming from down low.  Next thing I see is a puddle at her feet.  Her bare feet I might add.  Dah!!!!!  So Colby flipped on his panic switch button and ran to the kitchen.  I wandering what he was doing, picked up Eden and took her over to the entry way, off the carpet.  Colby finally realized he was being a little over the top and ridiculous came over and proceeded to help me de-clothe Eden and get her into the bath tub.  Of course we have pictures of this momentous occasion but figured most of you could do with out the details.

After that she felt much better and she was all cleaned up ready to party.

Our new friends, James and Alyssa, surprised us and Eden with the best homemade gift.  When I was younger my parents would put us in a cardboard box and slide us around on the hardwood floors.  I was telling this story to Alyssa and she said her dad did the same thing.  So Alyssa and James painted a cardboard box, stuffed it with padding and covered it with cute fabric and tied it with a bow so we could pull her around in it!  We loved it.  Eden sat in it and just kicked back like she was in a hot tub.

Thank you Grandma,Grandpa,Nana, Papa, Ryanne, Jordan, Maureen and friends and even our neighbors (can't believe they remembered!!) for all the gifts!  Eden was spoiled.  So were mom and dad.  My parents contribute a few gift cards to getting a new car seat for Eden which we just got in the mail!!!


What is this mom??? and Why am I naked??

Didn't dive into the cake and eat any of it.  But I really don't blame her because of her little upset tummy.   

But once dad smeared some frosting on her and shoved her hands into the cake, she ripped it apart.


Weight: 17lbs 9oz
Height: 27 1/2 inches
Demeanor:  Perfect!!
Favorite thing to do: Pull all her books off the shelf
Favorite Activity:  Dance and clap when music comes on!!!
Favorite food:  any fruit 

Boy we love this little girl!  She is our tiny little paradise.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Christmas #2 Nauvoo

Turns out that we were having too much fun to remember to take pictures for our second Christmas in Nauvoo.  SO this is as good as it gets!  When we got there we set up the tree and laid out the presents.  Eden was having a hay day!

Spent a lot of our time doing what the Marshall's have always loved doing.  Watching football games!!!  
Eden loved it too!  Yes! That's my girl!

It was a fun Christmas morning!  Got lots of good stuff.  
This was my favorite to gift and we saved it for last.  I have spent the last several months working on a rag jean quilt for my sister.  One side of it was Utah Jazz and the other was BYU.  Thank you, by the way, to those who donated their jeans!  It was much appreciated!  

Needless to say, Ryanne loved it!  I think that during Christmas time I definitely enjoy the giving part more.  I love watching my family open up gifts a be so excited!  You made my day Ryanne!

I also owe a huge THANK YOU to my parents.  They also contributed to Colby's medical supply fund as a Christmas Present.  My mom was quite clever.  She address the present to "Colby & Eden."  Colby looking very perplexed opened it up to find a toy medical supply kit with some visa gift cards attached.  
I must say mom that was very creative!

Eden also got some blocks and loves knocking them down.  She will not let you build more than three rows high before she has sprinted across the room and knocked them over.  Each time she does she gets tickled and the funny thing is she knows it is coming.  As she knocks them over she braces herself and already starts to giggle.  So cute i love it!

We were also there for new years day and we stayed up watching movies and my dad and sister and I played a rousing game of "nerts" for almost 3 hours!  But we got pretty exhausted right about the time the ball dropped.  

 As usual we had a wonderful time with my family in Nauvoo.  We made it to the temple and wondering the streets of Old Nauvoo.  I am so glad that it is so close so we can go so often and enjoy the spirit that is there.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas #1 Denver

As soon as Colby was done with finals we hopped on a plane to Denver.  Unfortunately, because of weather we had several delays and Eden didn't get to bed until MIDNIGHT!!!!  But she was such a trooper through the entire flight.  She wasn't ornery or upset.  I just love this little angel!

When we got to Denver she was more than thrilled to have all kinds of new room to explore.  She also discovered stairs and made it all on her own from the basement all the way up to the top floor!  She is a champ!!!  Still working on the walking thing, but it will happen when she is ready.

She was completely fascinated by Trigger and he wouldn't stop licking her either.

We ate so much while we were there.  Colby's parents always spoil us with amazing meals!

Riley was a great uncle, always wanting to help feed Eden and kiss her all the time.  But as you can see I think Eden was growing a little impatient with the feeding
"Mom.....honestly... this guy is a newb."

And Aunt Kelsey... Ha!    I could barely pry Eden out of her arms.  
So badly she wanted to take her off to college.

And of Course there were plenty of treats to go around.  Susan was a busy baker!

But always had time to snuggle with Eden

And of course there is no visit at the Johnson's without hours and endless evenings of games!

On Christmas Eve we loaded up in the car and drove around looking at Christmas lights.

By far this one was our favorite.  The street was crowded and the owners of the home were so nice.  They were out walking around offering candy canes and hot chocolate.  They also had a donation on the side walk and all the money went to research for Cerebral palsy.

We were determined, or rather I was, to have Eden's picture taken with Santa, but instead of waiting in ridiculous lines, Colby's dad was a trooper and dressed up us Santa!

At first Eden wasn't too sure but she didn't really have a problem with Santa.

Jim (Santa) also went to a few families in the ward that night to surprise them.

  He was really hesitant at first and did not want to do it, but then he started to really get into it.  Did you know you can google how to act like santa and they even have videos on youtube???
By the end of it, Jim said he would dress up as Santa every year for Eden.

Well, Christmas morning came.  And needless to say, Eden was a little confused 
and had no idea what was going on.

  But she loved all the attention.

 Colby did her hair just for the occasion.  Here she is with all her stocking stuffers.

Colby received a gift from his brother and the boxed was filled with Toilet paper.  He dumped it all on Eden and she was not having it.

I must mentioned and say that we owe a huge THANK YOU to Colby's parents.  At this point in his schooling Colby has to buy medical supplies for clinic.  As many of you know, it isn't cheap.  So all Colby wanted this year for Christmas was money to help pay for his supplies.  Throughout many of the gifts they gave us we always found a little green stash somewhere.  Even in the kitchen gadgets that Jim got me there was some!  We are so grateful to them for their help.  It made such a big difference and we are soooooooooooo grateful!!!!

Susan also made me a beautiful frame with pictures of Eden in it!  I love personalized gifts!  Kelsy also made us a beautiful tile plaque with picture of the Savior with children.  I just love it!

Eden was spoiled too!!!  But, as expected, she really didn't get the whole "unwrapping present" thing.  She mainly just swatted at everything.

 The living room turned into a mess and boy did she love playing with all it.  She didn't quite make it through the entire morning so we held off on her big present till after her nap.

After a good long nap and some lunch, we finally busted into her big present.

Boy did Grandma and Grandpa spoil her!  She loves that little train and we were able to get it on the plane and home with us.  It is a little advanced for her but she still loves the music and playing with her train.

I was a little disappointed in Denver.  I was really wanting a White Christmas and the entire time we were there is was between 40-50 degrees.  Don't get me wrong it was beautiful, but I was really hoping for snow.  
So Christmas day we went on a little hike in the bluffs but Colby's parents house.  It was a nice little walk and we came up around the corner right at sunset.  It was beautiful!

I think that all the Christmas celebrations really tired Eden out.  

 We had a wonderful time and it ended way to soon.  But after we left Denver we had one day at home and then we were off for another Christmas celebration with my family in..... of course....Nauvoo!!