Saturday, November 5, 2011

So... I may be a little Prideful

It has been quite sometime since I have done an update on Colby.  
For heavens sake he is the  reason we are in St Louis.  I don't even know where to begin.

 At Logan College of Chiropractic it is a 10 trimester program.  He has been attending year round for over two years now!  He is in the middle of Tri 7 - and is now in student clinic.  Which means he has patients but they are younger students and their families.  Trimesters 8-10 he starts outpatient clinic and sees patients from the community (so if you are in St Louis.. hint hint).

When he started Tri 1 he was taking 27 credits and coming from BYU-Idaho where he was taking 18 credits seemed nearly impossible!  I remember how busy he was with 18 but 27!!! 
I thought I wouldn't be seeing him for the next 3 years.  
Well, Tri 1 was a walk in the park because now Colby is taking 44 credits!!!

I know what you are thinking, "That's not even possible!?!?!?  Why would he do that to himself?!?"  Well, it is not like under grad where you set your schedule.  It is already done for you.   34 of those credits are set in stone.  He added the extra 10. Not only is he taking his chiropractic classes but he is also doing his Masters in Nutrition at the same time. 
 Not to mention he has weekend classes and seminars about twice a month.

So it is quite common to find him like this when he is home.

Do you blame him?!??  
Now don't get me wrong, we still see him and he takes time to be with his girls.

I am so incredibly proud of Colby.  He takes on so much and still manages to throw out fabulous grades.  In fact this past tuesday we attended a luncheon where Colby was acknowledged for his academic achievement.  He has managed to be on the Dean's List every trimester (6 in a row).  Only 6 people in his class out of around 100 were presented with the award.  

  Sure he is busy and puts a lot of time into his studies.  I will be honest there have been times I have cried and been so upset about how busy he is and how we NEVER see him.  
(But he has created a good balance over the past several months.)

And then I got to thinking...

Just the other night I was telling Colby how proud of him I am.   Yes he could be slacking off and doing just what he needs to to get by but I love that he is using this time.  Here we are digging ourselves into thousands of dollars of debt and he is sitting in class for 44 hours a week and he still takes pride in the work he does.  I really admire him that he puts time and effort into his studies. 

Yesterday, I found this quote by Elder Bednar that did a much better job 
of explaining what I was trying to tell him. 

"My purpose today is to admonish you to use your academic opportunities to the fullest and to avoid at all costs the academic path of lease resistance.  Specifically, I challenge you as a be diligent in both your spiritual and academic pursuits or as Elder Evans said, to be both faithful and competent.  I am not suggesting that one must be a Rhodes Scholar, or a straight A student, or an apostle.  Rather, diligence implies a tenacious persistence about, an engagement in, and a love for the process of learning.  

You have a responsibility to your family to become a diligent student as an expression of your appreciation and gratitude to them.  And most importantly, you have a responsibility to the Savior and His church to become a diligent student because of the covenants you already have made or will yet make - particularly the covenants of sacrifice and consecration" 

Don't get me wrong, I am not saying Colby is brilliant and amazing and perfect.  Of course he isn't!  But I am proud of him for being a diligent student.  He loves learning.  

I think that Colby is setting a good example for our family of being dedicated and diligent in anything you pursue. We have also learned that as long as we put the Lord first, 
everything else will fall into place and work out.

I love you Babe!  But I am not going to lie, I can't wait til you are done with school!!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

My little Rocker

Happy Halloween!!!

Last year, if you remember, Eden was a guitar.  So this year we kept the theme and we made her into a little rocker.   

Each year we add a little more to Colby's car for the trunk or treat.  This year we added a bit more which sealed the for getting 1st Prize  in the decorating contest.  We even got a trophy, the coveted Golden Pumpkin.  Should have taken a picture but I didn't.  Oops!  

We have stairs going up into the tailegate (same as last year).  Then we added two rolling chalkboards and draped tarps over the top to create a little tunnel.  And of course with Colby's sound system we have spooky sounds and a strobe light and spider webbing and glow lights.  Just a bunch of stuff.    And we are already brainstorming for next year!!!

Eden was manning the line.  She had a little bit of a runny noise and was pretty tired,  But as always she was a good sport!

The next morning we headed over to the pumpkin patch.

Eden loves horses and she noticed these pony's a mile away and ran right up to them so we let her take a little ride.  She loved it!

She also loved the hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins so we let her pick one out.  She calls them "monkey's."

It was a perfect day and so glad we could all spend it together!