Thursday, November 3, 2011

My little Rocker

Happy Halloween!!!

Last year, if you remember, Eden was a guitar.  So this year we kept the theme and we made her into a little rocker.   

Each year we add a little more to Colby's car for the trunk or treat.  This year we added a bit more which sealed the for getting 1st Prize  in the decorating contest.  We even got a trophy, the coveted Golden Pumpkin.  Should have taken a picture but I didn't.  Oops!  

We have stairs going up into the tailegate (same as last year).  Then we added two rolling chalkboards and draped tarps over the top to create a little tunnel.  And of course with Colby's sound system we have spooky sounds and a strobe light and spider webbing and glow lights.  Just a bunch of stuff.    And we are already brainstorming for next year!!!

Eden was manning the line.  She had a little bit of a runny noise and was pretty tired,  But as always she was a good sport!

The next morning we headed over to the pumpkin patch.

Eden loves horses and she noticed these pony's a mile away and ran right up to them so we let her take a little ride.  She loved it!

She also loved the hundreds and hundreds of pumpkins so we let her pick one out.  She calls them "monkey's."

It was a perfect day and so glad we could all spend it together!

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