Monday, October 17, 2011

Botanical Gardens

Colby had a day off last week so we took advantage and headed over to the Botanical gardens.  Of course they were not nearly as beautiful as they are during spring time but with the fall colors and all the leaves it was still beautiful.

They had a maze that we wandered around in and Eden loved chasing after us!

(P.s. I really need photo shop or some kind of photo editing program.  Help!!)

Oh I just can't get enough of this girl!

We really love our stroller.  It came as a travel system and it is the best!  Why??
 Because we can do things like this....

Colby loves to take Eden off-roading and does it every chance he can.  Anyone surprised by this???  There are always trails and sidewalks but why take them when we have a beasty stroller.

It has real tires and we go on hikes and trails and all kinds of places.  It is so durable and tough and can really take a beating.  We love it!

One of the highlights of the visit was watching Eden feed the fish.  They were big and gross.

But she just loved throwing the food at them.

It was a long day and Eden was very excited that she got to spend most of the day with da da.  He has been really busy ever since day one and it gets busier and busier.  But every so often he takes a break and we are so excited when he does!


Tari said...

Cute pics, and I'm glad you guys got to take a break as a family! As for photo editing software, I like to use Picnik because you can use the basics for free. It's at and you can also do a subscription that lets you in to all the fancier stuff, and from what I remember, it's pretty affordable. I'd do it, but I want a nicer camera first! :)

Jessica :) said...

So I know you just got a marathon of posts from me. For some reason my reader hasn't been working and I haven't seen any of your posts since this one! So not only am I months behind but I'm commenting on, like, every single post. :)
I must admit I am not surprised one bit that Colby likes to take Eden "off roading". Looks like a great stroller. Eden is so adorable! I love the photos of her chasing after you. So cute! And I am glad that {even if this was months ago} you got to spend a day with Colby.
As for editing software, I've been using I've loved it but they are going to close it! I guess you can still use some of the editing tools via Google+ but it looks like a little bit of a pain to me. I read in a photography book that there are a few other free online photo editing sites I'll share with you. I haven't used any of them, though, so I can't say just how well they work. {sites:,,,}