Sunday, July 29, 2012

Axel's Birth Story

They aren't lying when they say that all your pregnancies and deliveries are all different. 

Eden was such a piece of cake.  In fact I had worse pain than child birth with her. 

But Axel is a entirely different story. In fact it is really hard to look back because I blame myself for not doing as well as I did with Eden.  I could have done so much more to prepare for the delivery, but procrastination got the best of me and I feel so disappointed with myself.

I was due on June 28th.  My doctor led me to believe that I would progress just as I did with Eden.  (I started to dilate at 34 weeks and was a 5-6 at 38 1/2 weeks.  We checked into the hospital and she was out in 6 hours, 2 hours after they broke my water.)

Every week that I went in with Axel I was barely a 1.  I was getting so discouraged and tried everything.  I walked, did squats, had acupuncture done twice, had a massage at the pressure points.  But with the acupuncture and massage they said it really wouldn't work unless my body was ready and I guess it wasn't.  Finally, on Monday, July 2, I was dilated to a soft 4.  My doctor was on duty that night at the hospital and encouraged me to come in while she was there and she was give me "permission" to be admitted.

We checked in on July 3rd, at 6:45am at which point I was still a soft 4.

Tried all morning to move around and get things progressing but finally at 1:00pm they came into break my water and I had only progressed to a 5.  Dah!!!!!!!!

By 7 o'clock I had only progressed to a 6!  Ugh!  6 hours later are you kidding me!!!

9:00pm  - Still dilated to a 6

I said over and over that I did not want to have a 4th of July baby.  I didn't want my kids to have to share their birthday with a holiday.  I wanted them to have their own day.  Plus July 3rd was my mother's birthday and I thought it would be a great present! They drove up late on the 2nd and were there all day on the 3rd, but by 9 in the evening we told them to go and get some sleep.  It didn't look too promising that this baby was coming on the 3rd. 

By this point I was so tired and exhausted,  I was starving and so weak.  I tried so hard to push through it and breath but it was just too much.  My nurse came in around 10pm and gave me a very minimal amount of pitocin.  At which point my body just couldn't handle it anymore.

Midnight - I couldn't do it anymore, and grudgingly I asked for an epidural.  I was so disappointed in myself that I couldn't go just a little bit farther.  

The anesthesiologist came and stuck me.  At which point I did get relief but my legs were shaking like crazy and it drove me nuts!  I tried not to fight it but it was so annoying.

1am - Started pushing.  I pushed about 5 or 6 times and there he was!

By 1:15am he graced us with his presence!!!

As far as I know he was the first baby born on the 4th of July in our hospital.

He is already a celebrity.  They had the news station come in and video all the babies that were there on the 4th of July.  There were quite a few.  Plus the nurses provided all of them with festive buntings that we were able to keep.

Meeting Nana and Papa for the first time.

Meeting big sister for the first time!!!  She took right too him!

Our growing family!

Meeting Uncle Brady!

It was a very long hull but we got through it and I couldn't have done it without Colby.  He really is such a good coach and I hardly had to tell him when I needed something.  He always knew what I needed and took good care of me.  So glad that he had the day off to be there with me.

Also, I owe a huge shout out to Brady, Colby's brother, he took care of Eden the entire time and put her to bed and got her dressed and changed her diapers!!! What a trooper! Thank you Brady!!! 

I just love my little axel!!! He is such a great baby!  I thought Eden was perfect and things could only go down hill from there.  But boy was I wrong.  He is such a good sleeper and a charm throughout the day.  I was scared because I was so obsessed with love for Eden and wasn't sure how it worked having two.  But as soon as I saw this little guy my heart doubled in size!  

I love you Axel!

(Next post - Axel had to be readmitted to the hospital)