Friday, August 17, 2012


I will apologize now for all the details but this is especially for our records.

When Axel was born he weighed 8lbs 6oz.  When we checked out of the hospital he was down to 7lbs 8oz.  As we all know it is typical and expected for them to lose weight during the first day or two.  Also, as is routine, my dad went with me to take Axel in the next day to see the pediatrician because Colby had classes.  He was diagnosed with jaundice and dehydration.  The ped wanted to admit him at least overnight and possibly longer.  I called Colby from the peds office but was overcome with tears that I couldn't even talk to him.  I know Axel was fine but my hormones were so messed up and I had been worrying about him not eating very well and it just took me over.  I had to give the phone to my dad to explain to Colby what was wrong.  We then walked right over to the Pediatrics ward and checked in.  

Colby arrived shortly thereafter with all my things to stay the night (what a guy!).  At this point my emotions were in so many places.  I felt like a ball in a pinball machine.  I was crying to see my little boy in a hospital bed.  Then I was crying because over the past 3 days I felt like I had neglected Eden.  I just wanted to hold her and tell her I loved her.  However, she was sick so we couldn't even let her come to the hospital to see her baby brother.  I know, I know, I was having a baby and I shouldn't feel like I neglected my daughter.  But I still did.  

As they were getting Axel all checked in and calling for the on duty pediatrician in the hospital, we closed the door and my dad and Colby gave him a blessing.  Colby gave him a beautiful blessing and it really helped to settle my nerves and dry my eyes.  Then they performed a few blood tests and I just didn't want to watch that so Colby went with him.  When they complete all the tests they put him on the Bili bed.  We had to leave him on it the entire time except for feedings.
my ET baby

Colby stayed a good portion of the evening while my parents were with Eden.  But I really wanted him to spend some time with her so I sent him home.  The night nurse came on duty at that time and I could not have asked for a better nurse.  She was just what I needed.  She would come in and take care of Axel for each feeding through the entire night so I could get some rest.  She also watched him so I could take a shower! (Loved her!!)

His care consisted of feeding him every 2 hours from a bottle because he was not feeding well from me.  So they had me pumping nearly every 3 hours.  They had to weigh every diaper and check his temp nearly every 30 minutes as well as his vitals.

By morning there was improvement in his eating and all we wanted to do was get him home.  But we had to wait for more blood tests and for all the results to come back.  We got the go ahead and we made it home that afternoon.

Sunday morning Colby had to take him back into the hospital because they wanted to do more tests just to make sure everything was still progressing.  Results... Bilirubin was up.  Then we were told to bring him back into the peds office on tuesday for another weight check to make sure he was still eating enough.   Well he was only up a couple of ounces and they were still a little concerned.  So we increased his food and were supposed to come back in another week.

A week later and he had gained a few more ounces but not exactly where they wanted him, but they were feeling better about his weight because at least he was gaining.

Our last appointment was on August 1st.  Here are his stats:
Length: 21 3/4 in (50%)
Weight: 9.14lbs (10%)
Head Cir: 15 1/4 in (15%)

The doctor was pleased with where he was at and it doesn't look like we will be going to the doctor anytime soon.  Thank goodness!!!  Now we are just dealing with some baby acne and cradle cap.  Also, I am not producing milk like I did with Eden which is a concern because we don't care for formula.  So we are trying to build up the supply but it just isn't happening.  Dah!!!

But... I love my boy and he is doing well!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Photo Shoot

I kick myself everyday because I never did any newborn pics of Eden.  So I was determined to get some of Axel.  Thanks to my amazing friend Rebecca, check out her blog, she is truly amazing!!!

Here are just a few of my favs of my lil Fourth of July baby!