Friday, October 16, 2009

Any Ideas???


SO I have been thinking about what to do to capture those precious moments. Should I do a scrapbook,

should I just keep an album with little descriptions.....

I just don't know. Does anyone have any ideas of what else to do to keep memories and photos. Scrapbooking can just get so expensive and I don't really like the digital scrapbooking look very much unless you know something I don't. So please help me! What are you ideas?

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Finally we have found out!! We are having a girl!!!

Everyone was sure it would be a boy because the Johnson's only produce boys. But we proved them wrong. To be honest I was kind of hoping for a girl because I couldn't find any cute boy stuff. It was all dumb little sayings and dinosaurs. So I thought I cursed myself and we were going to have a boy because I couldn't find anything cute boy things that were not super pricey. But I can use the cute girl stuff I found. Colby had a feeling about a month ago that it was a girl. HE is a little nervous because he doesn't want to get wrapped around her little finger. Ha ha little does he know. He is going to become a softy after all!

Now we just have to worry about naming her!