Thursday, August 22, 2013

June 2013 - Swimming Lessons/Nana and Papa Visit

June was a busy month.  Not only did we go camping as a family but Eden had 2 summer camps at the Lil Gym, she started swim lessons with her friend Violet AND Nana and Papa stopped by for a visit on their way to the MTC.

After having grown up with a pool Colby found it necessary to sit down and have a little chat with Eden.  This has been on his mind a lot and thought that this was the time to have that "chat"  about..... 
not peeing in the pool.

And I will say that so far we have not had one incident!

Eden has been doing great with her swim lessons.  There is a YW in our ward that teaches swim lessons and she was kind enough to do private lessons at the clubhouse pool just for Eden and her bestie Violet. 

 She has really learned so much and is doing really well.  

We also have a little inflatable pool that we often set up in the backyard that Eden loves to play in.  But what she really loves about it is getting Papa wet!

My parents drove out and stayed in Denver for a few nights before heading to Provo to go to the MTC for 2 weeks.  Of course they loved all the time with the kiddos and Eden adores them.  She was laughing and smiling the entire time they were here.

While they were here we took them out to Red Rocks Amphitheater.  It is truly remarkable and I cannot wait to attend a concert there!  It would be so amazing.

The really cool thing about the theater is everyday it is just packed with people exercising.  Seriously, if they didn't use it for concerts it would still be in full use with all the people and the groups that come out to train or just get in a workout.    

Since Nana was going to be in the MTC for her birthday we had a little birthday celebration.  

Probably the most memorable thing that happened while they were here was this....

While running an errand one night a young teenage girl ran a red light and I slammed right into her while getting onto the highway on-ramp.  Stay tuned for more pics of the car and the long drawn out process.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

*Coral Pink Sand Dunes*

One of Colby most favorite places is the Coral Pink Sand Dunes.  He has been talking about them since the day I met him.  It only took 10 years but on Father's Day weekend, he finally got to go back!  And this time with his wife and two children!  He often jokes that if 10 years ago someone would have said, "You won't be back for 10 years.  By then you will have served a mission, gotten married, had 2 kids, earned 4 degrees and would be a practicing chiropractor...." 
He would have never believed it.

We left on a Wednesday night and stayed at our friends Cabin in Vail, CO.  So instead of a 10 hour drive in one day we took off a couple hours. 

But that first night in vail didn't start out so well. A couple days prior Axel had gotten a rash and had a couple bad fevers.  That night in vail he hardly slept.  So we ended up waking everyone at 430am and hit the road.  Why not? We were awake anyway!

Kids did great in the car and we beat everyone else there!!!
We had a big group and I loved it!  That is how I like to camp.  There were about 35 people there and nearly a dozen kids.

So we set up camp...

Had dinner

1st morning 

Rise and Shine!


Eden getting ready for her first ride on a ATV with Poopa

They divide up the day where the guys get to go out for a couple hours and do a guys run.  So the women folk would watch all the kids and play games.

Then we would have lunch and then the girls would go out.

The kids were having a blast playing with all the sand and getting as dirty as they possibly could.
Eden with her 2nd cousin Halle
They would not leave this car alone! The kids fought over it!

I could not believe the color of the sand!!! It was gorgeous and seriously so soft that it was like powdered sugar.  I am not kidding!!!  And it was everywhere!!  The camp sites were just sand.  So we saw lots of lizards!!
Of course daddy insisted on taking Eden out on the dunes so we found her a helmet, that smooshed her face, and they were off!

The last day was Father's Day.  I had made a banner to hang for Colby before we left.  So I managed to sneek it onto a tree before he woke up.
As we loaded the car I couldn't help but snap this sweet picture of Axel with Kelsey.  I can't stand how cute this picture is!

It was a great trip and as always I wish I had taken more pictures. 
The kids were amazing and there sleep was not even affected by the fact that we were sleeping outside in a tent in the desert.  They are truly amazing kids and I am so glad that we went!!!