Monday, April 4, 2011

Time for Reflection

It is tradition that after Conference on Sunday afternoon we take a post conference walk and discuss our impressions and what we feel we need to change and do better on.  We headed over to Longview Park and walked on the trails.  It was so perfect and beautiful.  Perhaps a little too much windy but we dealt with it.

We couldn't resist and took a view pictures of Eden.  She was so in awe of the water falls.

Cannot go to a park without swinging on the swings!

We were really humbled and amazed at the close of Conference.  The Spirit was magnificient and it touched our hearts.  The different facets of our lives that are in need of change or more diligence quickly soared to the surface.  We realize that many of those improvements are difficult when you have children; but we have also learned that if we do not learn how to do it now we never will and then it will just get pushed aside into the corner untouched till the kids are grown up and gone.  They spoke of sacrifice and diligence.  We know that as we put the Lord first and love Him and honor Him - he will make those impossibilites possible.