Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where has the time gone?!

Weight: 14 lbs 9oz
Height: 24 3/4 inches
53 Percentile

A daddy's girl by far!

For about a week she started making this funny face.  It was the cutest thing!

This is on her first 4th of July!  My family was in town and it just so happened that we were also house sitting for a family from church.  It worked out perfectly because we have the extra space and a pool to keep cool!  Also while we were there Eden started rolling over in the middle of the night.  One night she was fussing and I went in and she was face down!  She rarely likes to sleep on her back anymore.  It is funny because we still swaddle her and she will completely turn around in the swaddle and sometimes get her arms all the way out.  Looks like she is turning into a wild sleeper like her father.  Seriously, I don't know why I make the bed sometimes.

She loves Papa!!

She especially loves chilling with her dad.  She also has been a pro at eating Rice Cereal. She is also starting to sit up and on occasion will do a push up or two.  She has also been discovering all the different noises she can make.  

This year has gone by so much faster than any other.  I cannot believe that I have already started seeing Halloween stuff in the stores already!! We just did that!  But each day I spend with this precious little girl my love just grows more and more.  I think of how much i love her and think that our Father in Heaven has just that much and even more love for us.  How grateful I am for the sealing power of the temple and to know that our family will be 
together forever.