Friday, October 11, 2013

Car Accident

While my parents were visiting I was in a car accident with their vehicle.  Now some of you maybe thinking that is was deliberate on my part just to have my parents stay longer.  I would quickly respond with, "Absolutely not!!"  And in my mind I would be thinking it was an added bonus.

So it was Wednesday night and I decided to run an errand and asked my parents if they wouldn't mind staying home with the kids.  At the last minute I did think maybe I should just take Axel with me.  But alas, I did not.  I headed out the door and was on my way.  About a mile down the road I was approaching the light that lead to the highway on-ramp.  Before approaching the light I did notice that there was still a green arrow.  Heading North, I proceeded to turn the steering wheel to steer onto the on-ramp, when before I knew it there was a silver Audi heading south coming right into the intersection.  I didn't even see her or look at the on coming traffic because I had a green arrow.  Without any time to react I slammed into the driver side of her car and the force flipped my car around.   

As I came to a stop and my heart was pounding with great force, my immediate thought was, "I had a green arrow!  Didn't I???  I swear it was green!"  So as all this doubt flooded my mind I immediately called my father whose car I was driving.  He answered and in a panic I explained what happened, told him where I was and that I was okay.  We hung up as he and my Mother-in-law hopped in her car and drove to the scene. 

As I was hanging up the phone a woman in a Yukon had pulled off the side of the road and was walking towards me.  Approaching my car she immediately asked me if I was alright. The next thing she said slowed down my heart beat and eased my nerves.  She said, "It wasn't your fault! The girls ran the red light.  I was in the car behind her.  Don't worry I am staying until the police come."

Phew!! Boy oh boy I cannot tell you what a relief it was to hear that!! 

After that I was so calm and I called my dad back and told him it wasn't my fault and we had a witness.   

So we did all he typical stuff, exchanged information, filed a report with the police that came and that was that.

I thanked the witness profusely for stopping and giving a statement.  Because of that the girl was issued a ticket.  I thanked her over and over again.  Many of you could speak from experience that when there are not witnesses it is a SERIOUS hassle with the insurance companies and getting the repairs.  The witness was so nice and said she couldn't believe no one else stopped.  She said that she just believes in doing the right thing. Boy am I glad there are still people like that in this world.  I think we could all afford to be more like her.

Seeing as I couldn't open the driver side door I climbed in the passenger door and then my dad hopped in.  When we came home my mother was sitting on the front steps with Eden and Axel.  Eden came running over, gave me a hug and said, "Mommy are you okay?" She then started to cry a little bit.  Oh, sweet girl!

The next day we dropped the car off at a collision shop and the assessed damages were about $5000.  When I called and told Colby his response was, "Nice work Babe!" Ha..... okay!?

So my parents got a rental car, they were told the car should be done in about a week and a half and they headed to Utah.  They were at the MTC from July 1-July 12th. 
When they returned to Denver the car was still not completed!! In fact they ended up staying another WEEK!!!  I totally didn't mind but they kind of did.  They were anxious to get to work!  

Finally after much longer than anticipated the car was fixed and my parents headed back to Nebraska to begin their adventure of being full time missionaries!!

First Birthday


I am so behind with blogging that I am just going to tell it in pictures!

Yum Yum Chocolate Zucchini Cake!!!

A couple days later we had friends over for a party.

Happy 1 Year to the most incredibly handsome boy I know!