Saturday, April 24, 2010

A few weeks ago Eden turned 3 months old!! I cannot believe how the time flies. I could sit here and tell you how much joy and happiness she has brought into our home but for those of you who are already parents you already know what that is. But I’m going to tell you anyway. This little angel of ours is truly amazing. Isn’t it funny how you can love something so much that doesn’t talk, but just eats, sleeps, cries, and poops and spits up on you all day. I just love my job!

Eden is so funny! My favorite is seeing her first thing in the morning, she is so giddy and full of smiles it just melts my heart. She loves to be outside. Whenever she is fussy and walking around the room just doesn’t hack it anymore I take her outside and she is immediately in awe of her surroundings. We go on walks all the time and she just loves it! She also gets a kick out of her daddy. I don’t know if she laughs because she is happy or she just thinks he is weird for trying. But he just adores her and loves her so much he just eats her up, literally, sometimes.

So far in the short span of 3 months Eden has been on two road trips. One was out to Salt Lake for my grandfather’s funeral and once to Nauvoo for Easter.

Unfortunately, Eden and I had to leave on Colby’s birthday. Sad day I know, he turned 26 this year! Uh oh closer to 30 than 20! Now he can’t tease me anymore because he has joined the ranks (yes, I am older but only 15 months). I usually do cheesecake but he wanted an ice cream cake this year. So I made mint chocolate chip with chocolate covered oreos. All from scratch! I don’t believe in cheating. It is a lot more fun to make it yourself anyway.

Riding in the car just puts her to sleep so it wasn’t half bad. Plus she got to see her grandparents both times too and boy do they just fight over her. One special part of our trip was meeting her grandpa for the first time. He was actually here in St Louis and she was born not 24 hours later. Horrible timing, you think? He just loves her and gave her a tour of the house and raced her around the house. She loved being at Grandma and Grandpa’s.

Also while we were in Denver, I got to see my best friend Jess and her family! So they all got to meet Eden and I got to see her liitle baby bump. So cute!

We spent Easter weekend in Nauvoo with my family. We had a little interruption during Sister Beck’s talk in conference, when Colby was burping her it kind of came out of both ends and ended up all over Colby’s leg. It was about time. Why should I get the brunt of it? It took time before Colby would hold her again, they had a little falling out after that incident (ha ha).

Looks like the Easter bunny came and already she is craving chocolate.

She still fits into newborn outfits and weighs in around 11 ½ pounds. She drools non-stop and has been standing for a couple months now. She is so strong and I fear she is going to be an early walker. Colby is also training her to hold her bottle. He props her hands up on the sides and she holds on for nearly the entire time. I know it is silly but he is quite impressed.

Well, that is the sum up for the past three months. Eden we love you baby!