Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here is our family!  Slowly but surely we are growing!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Hope that everyone is having a fabulous holiday season.  Mine has been pretty hectic thus far.  I am so busy that, literally, I don't have any time to breathe.  I have just started getting involved with the girl’s varsity basketball team at the high school.  I am one of the assistant coaches.  Now I know what many of you may be thinking, “Tara doesn't play basketball very well."  Well, I agree but I believe that I may not be the best ball player but I know technique and fundamentals and I think that I can help motivate the girls.   So needless to say, it is taking up much of my time.  I don't get home till 7 and on game night, I usually get in around 11.  What does Colby think of this you may ask?  Well, this is finals week for him so he is keeping busy.  Also, next semester he will be taking a 6 credit class.  Basketball only goes through January and then tournament.  It is fun though.  I like being involved.

 I am really stressing right now because I am in charge of the preschool at the high school.  It is opened to the community and it starts in January.  I just attended a workshop in Salt Lake over the weekend and it was amazing!  However, some of what they taught contradicts what I was taught in college.  So now and I really overwhelmed and stressed and I do not know what to do now.  I still don't have it all put together yet.  I just need to sit down and think it through but like I said.  I don't even have time to do that.  

 I feel really bad for Colby because I used to get up and make him breakfast everyday and dinner every night.  Now he has taken that roll over and I feel like a horrible wife.  He is always doing things for me and helping and supporting me and I hardly do anything anymore.  

 Listen to me!  What am I doing?!?!  I don't even know.   

Well, I hope that you are all having a stress free holiday season.  Wishing you and yours the best!