Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Here is our family!  Slowly but surely we are growing!


Katie said...

cute, cute family tara. hope you don't mind that i checked out your blog. stop by mine sometime if you want. hope you had a great christmas and an up coming new year!!!

Jacob said...

It's not so lame. Too bad about the music, though. I'm a member of the musical blog hater club. It's nice to see a picture of your family. Blogs aren't too hard to figure out. Bit by bit, as you check out other people's blogs, just ask them how they did this or that. Really not too huge a deal. Certainly don't stress about it, not when they're so many better things to stress about.

Sarah said...

Tara! I am so glad you are starting a blog. Now I can keep up to date on all the crazy things you're doing. I'll be an avid reader, so keep it updated. Also, don't worry, life will iron itself out soon enough and the stress wont be so heavy. Miss you!