Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Halloween 2012

I still cannot believe that Halloween has come and gone.  Crazy?!?!?

I was pretty bummed that we would not be in St Louis for Halloween this year.  Last year Eden had so much  fun.  We had only taken her trick or treating to a few of our friends whom Eden knows and loves.  So seeing as how we would not be able to do it again this year and not even have time to get to know people made me really sad.  I sure missed seeing our dear friends and even one particular special friend texted and said how much they would miss not seeing Eden this year.  Oh how I miss them!

But we were still determined to have a good time no matter where we were.  

We arrived in Denver just in time for the ward Trunk-or-Treat.  We were stoked because one thing we look forward to each year is decorating Colby's car. In fact, last year we won first prize and received the Golden Pumpkin Trophy.  Wahoo!  It is always a big hit with the kids and each year it gets a little bit better.  

This year was no different.  Being new to the ward we had to set a good impression and make a statement.  

We swiped some of Colby's mom's (Susan) decorations. Halloween is her favorite holiday and she goes all out!  I love it!  You should see her house! 

We didn't get up all the decorations we wanted too but it still turned out good.  

We were a little disappointed because no one really decorated their cars. :(  In our ward in St louis everyone  seemed to do it but not here.  But I think we have a set a standard - we shall see what they all do next year.

There was a dinner as well as a costume parade and I was able to snatch a picture of all the primary kids in their costumes!  Do you see the cute lion in front?

Eden got excited because she saw Rapunzel!  Of course we had to take a picture and it was good because we made some new friends!  Thanks Luke and Alyssa for being good sports!

Halloween day we carved pumpkins.  Eden loved playing in the "goop!"

Eden picked out the carving templates.  Can you tell?  Her two favorite characters. 

We got the kiddos all ready to go trick-or-treating.

Check out Axel!  He glows in the dark! 

As I mentioned, Susan loves Halloween.  So needless to say she has quite the stash of costumes.  One night Eden had a fashion show and tried them all on and picked her favorite one.  

Some of you may remember Axel's costume.  It was Eden's very first costume.  It was incredibly too big but da da insisted.  It was a hit everyone thought he had the sweetest costume! fits his name so...why not!

Eden absolutely loved trick-or-treating!!! As soon as we would turn  from the house she would say, "trick-or-treat again?"  Ha ha!!!  And everyone loved her.  We kept on hearing "She has the cutest costume by far."  And then they would give her extra candy!  Oh well, it isn't like she is going to eat it!

But she was having a ball going from house to house.  We live in a gated community and it really made a difference.  No crazy teenagers and it was all good clean fun.

She was quite proud of all her loot!  Her little bag is in storage so Aunt Kelsey let her borrow hers.  Thanks Kels!  It was well used!

Trying to pull out her claws.
 I love my fearsome lion!  Watch out for when she roars!!! 

Almost everyday she talks about Trick-or-Treating and all of grandmas cool decorations.  
It was a good Halloween and can't wait till next year!