Sunday, October 24, 2010

An Eventful Week

Last week we had some old friends, Parker and Jenny, from BYU-I fly in.  .  

They could only spend a couple of days with us so we tried to get it as much as we could.  We decided that we would try out "Whipt Cream."  It is a confectioners bakery and it was soooo yummy!! They have an amazing buttercream frosting.  Plus they give out free samples and have lots of choices.

 Check out their website

The first day they were here they spent at the City museum.  For those of you who know nothing about it, it is a play ground for adults.  Unfortunately, we couldn't go with them, but they had a blast and were so tired at the end of the day.  I wish I had one of their videos because it looked so awesome.

Of course we had to hit up the arch!  

Like I said, they couldn't stay long but we had a good time with them and so did Eden!

In fact we have a mobile baby!!! Boy is this an entirely different experience.  My mind is in a completely different mind set now.

Sure didn't take her long to get to the candy dish.

Also, this weekend our ward had their annual Fall Festival!  It started off with a chili cook-off and then a costume parade.  I wanted something original for Eden so we found a sweet costume.  She was a guitar and Colby the Rock star.  

And I couldn't possibly miss out on the opportunity to get Eden's picture with the Beatles!!

There was also a trunk or treat.  We kind of waited to the last minute to decorate Colby's truck but we added one new element this year and next year we already have a new plan!

The kids loved climbing up into the truck.  It was quite the hit.  We had to do some crowd control at one point.

 This picture was just too cute to pass up.  This is Lyla.  She is the daughter of our friends, Lindsay and Tyler who also goes to Logan.

Eden with a couple of the Young Women.

 We spent the end of the evening dancing!  A couple had come and taught us different square dances and Colby and I learned the Virginia Reel!  We had a good time!

 and....apparently Eden didn't think much of our dancing skills.


Team Gecko's Triumphs said...

such a sweet picture of Lyla! im lovin on the your jumping family picture! awesome!

Amy and Troy said...

I love how in the picture of Eden with the arch behind her she has one sock on and one sock off. :) And I love the costume. I never saw that online when I was shopping for one. Her and Colby look awesome!

Ryan and Meagan said...

I am LOVING her guitar costume!!!!! Such an awesome idea! I hope you were a band groupie! Eden is suuuuuuch a doll. Cutest little face ever.

Heather said...

I love her costume!! Super cute! Where's yours?

Jessica :) said...

Such a fun costume idea!! And I love the jumping pics in front of the arch. Very cool!

This is me... said...

Eden is soooooo adorable! Like her cute momma! Loves!

ashley said...

Oh my word, that guitar costume and rockstar was hilarious! Loved it!!! And the trunk or treat was rockin'!!

Danny & Crystal said...

It's always so fun to have visitors! I LOVED the Halloween costumes--what an awesome idea!