Monday, October 4, 2010

Thinking about things

First, conference was really incredible.  I always walk away feeling ready to make some changes in my life.  All to often there are things that I think are not "that bad."  But you know what, they are.  I just admitted to myself that it was "bad" but not "that bad."  Well, when it comes to the gospel there isn't room for any grey area.  This conference was a little different for me.  When it was so I felt a different sense of rejuvenation.  I felt like I had just attended a spiritual pep rally for my life, and you know what, I am ready to go out there and give Satan all I've got and I am ready to win.  I am excited and pumped up and he is not going to know what hit him.  

After each conference Colby and I like to take some time and evaluate our lives and say, "ya know, we really need to do better with this."  I believe that there is always room for improvement.  If you don't think there is, that is proof enough.  We always have something that we could do better with.  

So right after the last session Colby and I drove down the road where they are starting a new housing development.  These homes are incredible!  They are all million dollar homes as we have looked at the for sale signs.  But we drove over and parked the car and walked around the neighbor hood.  IT was a beautiful afternoon with just a slight chill in the air.  We got Eden all bundled up and strolled down the lane. 

Here are a few picture of our beautiful scenery.

It was so peaceful and it got Colby and I talking about the ideal home.  I don't mean, the style of house I want, with these type of windows and this kind of floor plan.  I mean, the feeling inside our home.  We decided that we have a lot of distractions that take away from the spirit truly being in our home.  There are so many movies that don't need to be there, TV shows that we just don't need to watch, and behavior that really needs improvement.  Colby and I from the beginning decided we never wanted TV because there was nothing but inappropriate shows on anymore.  Thought I do miss watching football games and seeing the news every once in a while.  But then we thought was it worth it to be tempted by the other shows.  The funny thing is we have a TV but no cable or satellite, but yet we can still get to the shows online!  You just can't get away.  But we decided that we didn't like the TV being the focal point of our home.  So we are moving it out.  We think so many more productive things can be done, many more memories could be made.  

I cannot wait for tonight, for FHE we are sitting down and setting specific goals of how we can be more like how our Savior wants us to be.

I really love the gospel. And I have decided to raise my title of liberty, to remind me 
what I am fighting for, what I am living for!


Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

i loved conference great. oh and those houses are amazing...i love walking around and looking at homes too...i can't wait to get a house, even though it won't look like those :)

tanyawhite said...

so true, Tara! I loved the pictures of those houses!! Not that we'd ever have one, but it really does get you thinking about what kind of a "home" you want. We've talked about the same things, and I'm so grateful for Conference and the Gospel to give the right and most pure perspectives on what's best for me and my family. :) Thanks for the reminder. :) xoxo

Mal said...

I so agree with the TV thing. We finally sold ours. We will probably get a nicer one later, but even then we'll only ever use it for watching movies--not television. We've gone so long without it anyway. And I HATE having TVs in the center of the living room so all the furniture faces it. I want to TALK! Hahaha! When I can set up my house the way I want, we'll have the TV someplace inconspicuous so we only look at it when we're using it and don't have it constantly in the middle of our house!