Friday, October 29, 2010

Long but a good story

It was just 4 years ago yesterday that I met Colby for the first time.  I was attending BYU-Idaho and I was down in Salt Lake for a field trip for one of my classes with some friends.  

Now to explain a little bit, as a missionary on temple square you serve in another mission in the United states for about 3-4 1/2 months.  I was assigned to serve in the Chicago Illinois South mission. That weekend a friend of mine who had been in my district while serving in chicago had arranged a Bon fire in Provo canyon with a bunch of people that I hadn't seen in about 3 years.  So it was kind of a mini mission reunion. So I drove up to the canyon to see everyone.  I was just hanging out at the bon fire and so excited to see everyone.  Granted there were some missionaries there that I had never met, but had heard of them.  I remember there were these really two tall guys standing by the fire so I introduced myself and we talked and that was it.  An hour or so later I was talking with one of my good friends and out of the corner of my eye I see one of those really tall guys, Johnson (because you usually just end up calling people by there last name from the mission), staring at me.  Before I know it he walks over and said, "did I hear you guys talking about BYU-Idaho?"  He proceeded to join in on our conversation which lasted a few minutes and then we were all back at the bon fire.  We are all standing around and I was standing next to Cottam (on my left) and Johnson (on my right).  It was a chilly night and Cottam is just a friendly guy and had his arm up on my shoulder as well as on the guy on his left.  So he says to Johnson, "come on Johnson, join the love."  So Johnson (Colby) puts his arm around me too.  I was for sure that we would soon bust into song and starting singing Kumbaya.  Anyway, then Johnson says, Cottam I've hugged you before but there was never a girl between us.  I kind of like it."  Ha ha real cute right??

Through out the evening we both opening admitted that we did silly things to try to always be near each other or talking to each other.    Eventually it was getting time to leave but I somehow wanted a picture of this kid.  So I pretended I was taking a picture of the entire group and this is what came out.    
(if you couldn't tell Colby is in the brown hoodie, the other tall guy in the black ended up being one of his groomsmen)

I was saying my goodbye, when I saw that Johnson had already started heading to his car.  I kept thinking, how am I going to keep in contact with this guy, I need his number or something.  So i walking incredibly fast towards his car, that from the beginning thought was obnoxious.  Little did I know that someday I would be part owner of that thing and drive my little baby around in it.

So he gave me a little side hug and said nice to meet you Marshall.  To add to the story, he thought that I was someone's friend until he heard someone call me Marshall.  Apparently, he had heard about me and knew who I was after that.

Well, he jumped in his rig and drove off.  I stood there thinking, dah, now what do I do.  

I drove my friend Cottam home and decided that if this was going to go anywhere I was going to stop doing the dumb dating games we have all done and just lay it all out on the table.  So I said, "Cottam, tell me about Johnson."  After he found out I was interested he said, "Johnson was one of the hardest working missionaries I had ever seen.  He is a great guy and you would be one lucky girl.  I approve."  Well, I was quite happy with that.  

The next night i had written in my journal.  The following is quoted from it:
"I feel the need to write in my journal tonight.  Not exactly sure why.  But I had a good weekend.  I was in Salt Lake for a school field trip originally and decided to stay for the weekend.  ...I got together with a group of missionaries that served in chicago.  It was awkward at first...but then it got better.  I usually try not to mention specific names in my journal because I don't want to waste space and time about someone who will not be in my future.  I know that may sound really stupid and almost ridiculous but it is true!  But I did meet someone this weekend who has been occupying my mind since I last saw him.  I big deal, it happens all the time to everyone.  But I really would like to get to know him better." 

When I got back to Rexburg, I was talking with my companion from Chicago who also happened to be in the MTC with him so they were friends too (she ended up being a bridesmaid).  I told her that I may have thought one of the Elder's there was attractive.  Without even asking she said..."was it Johnson?" yyeeaaaah.

Well, Colby had left for a cruise that next week and was actually dating someone else at the time.  He also knew that one of his really good friends liked me ( he ended up being a groomsman) and he didn't want to interfere with that either.  So he refused my number at first, but as he was getting on the boat he called our mutual friend back got my number.

I waited and waited, it was about 2 weeks later and 2 weeks of complaining to my roommate Sara (also was a bridesmaid) when I got a random text that said, "bet you don't know who this is texting you from a 520 area code."  

My response, "bet ya I do and can I say, It's about time!"

The rest is history!!


Emily said...

CUTE! dating stories are always so fun!

Jessica :) said...

That is so cute! I knew you had served in the same mission in Chicago but I think I missed the bonfire story! Very sweet!

Jerilyn said...

That WAS a cute story! Fun to read :)

Tari said...

Cute story Tara! But after seeing that last picture, I must say that I'm glad Adam's not the only one who has to bend in half to kiss his wife! ;)

Tenille said...

Funny how things just work out, definitely meant to be together! Cute story!

Yeah were like a month away from finishing... never thought we'd make here, just seamed so FAR down the road! Before you know it you'll be finishing too... and making money to pay off the hoards of loads! Ahh!

Sarah said...

Love that story, love that you wrote in your journal right after you met him (so cute), loved the wedding and love that you are so happy together!

Chris and Tani Bree said...

What a sweet story. It is so fun to hear people's dating stories. You were definitely led by the Spirit. You guys are adorable together!