Monday, December 13, 2010

Need a gift idea?

It is Christmas time which means pictures,presents, lights, trees, music, and the Spirit that comes in celebrating the birth of Christ.  Of all the things that are going on during th holiday season a big part of it is sending our family Christmas cards to update everyone on your family and for them to see how much you have changed year to year.  So this year I am attempting our first family Christmas card.  I am jumping on the Shutterfly band wagon and trying them out.  So we shall see how this goes.  They really have some amazing things.

First that have a pretty good selection of Christmas cards.  I think this one is just adorable!
They also have tons of gift ideas

Love these canvas pictures!  Personalized gifts are always the best I think!

And who doesn't love photo calendars!!!!!!!

Do you have all your christmas cards??  Maybe not?  Well, who says you have to send them out by Christmas?  You could always do it for new years or another holiday.  Dare to be different.  

Do you have all your presents done?? Or maybe have some up coming birthdays or just want to be early for mother's/father's day.  Well check out Shutterfly and make a gift that they will really love!