Thursday, June 24, 2010

5 Months!!

Just a little recap of the past month. Our little precious piece of paradise is now 5 Months old!!! I cannot believe it. She is getting so big! Just yesterday she started wearing size 2 in diapers but she could still do 1's. She still fits in 0-3 months and anything bigger than 3 months drowns her. Don't worry, have you seen her daddy? She sprout up someday.
A lot has gone on. First of all, Eden was finally blessed in my old family ward in Papillion, NE on May 2 but her father accompanied by both of her grandparents. She wore a family heirloom. This is the same blessing dress that my mom, my sister and I all wore. It is around 60+ years old! She looked beautiful!
We were lucky to have Colby's parents meet us in Omaha for the occasion.
It was a very eventful weekend. It was also a celebration for my father. He RETIRED!!! So one way that we celebrated was Colby and I went all out decorated the house. We also found out that my father has never hit a pinata ever!!! Can you believe that. So here he is helping my lil nephew Karson hit the pinata. I don't think he liked it so much.
Once we all had a turn we let my dad take off his blindfold and take out all his emotions on the pinata.

After being in Omaha, we headed off to Denver with Colby's parents. Eden did so well, we only had to stop one time. I was so lucky, while we were there my best friend had her 3rd baby. I have never been there when she had her babies and this time I was just there in time. In fact in worked out because her mom hadn't come yet so I got to go and spend the day with her. She looked absolutely beautiful and so did her little girl, Julia Jill Price.

Colby's niche is speakers and sound systems so he helped his dad hook up some more surround sound in their family room. While they spent 9 hours doing it. Grandma got to test out the new sound with Eden. Check it out!
It was soo good to be in Denver. I love visiting there, especially since my best friend Jess has moved there. Maybe we will end up there too! Here's hoping!!

I also celebrated my first mother's day. Colby made me personalized pancakes. I also got a new bluetooth!!! i was so excited since my last one seemed to disappear somehow. I tell you what it is so helpful even more so now that I am a mom.

Eden has been doing so well. She loves hanging out with dad. In fact she won't go to bed if he is around so Colby is banned from the "putting Eden to bed" process.

For memorial day our ward had a fun run. I did the, let me rephrase, I attempted the 5k and Colby did the mile. He hasn't run the mile since junior high and he got 2nd in his age bracket.

Everyday Eden just brings more joy to my heart. She loves to laugh, especially when you play peek-a-boo. She loves playing with her feet and sticking her entire fist in her mouth. She has become quite the drooler and has now entered the all-day-bib-wearing phase.

Here is my sweet girl with her daddy on Father's day. HE just can't get enough of her. I often have to remind him to calm down. But watching him with her is one of my favorite things.

I love my Babes!!!