Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Big Move - Part 1

We have begun the process of making our way to Denver.  Colby doesn't graduate till December but the kids and I are already moved out.  

Our lease on our apartment ended on August 31.  At that time we were to pay month-to-month rent.  Seeing as how that would increase our bill by nearly $300 each month we decided to look at other options.  We have a lot of expenses coming up and we need every penny.  So the thought of the kids and I living with my parents for 6-7 weeks to save a few thousand $$$$ dollars was very tempting.  We threw around a ton of ideas and changed the date of the moved so many times.  

We even had a friend of ours, who is a contract lawyer, look over our lease contract to see if there was a way to get out of it.  Because as of right now we are stuck with paying all that extra money for the month of September because we did not act fast enough.  We proposed a few ideas and compromises to the leasing office but to no avail.  We did manage to talk them down a bit on the month-to-month rate but still it is a lot of money.  So right now we are still pursuing all efforts to find someone to buy our contract for September.  And the good news is something will be coming to check out our place this weekend!  Wahoo! Keeping fingers crossed.

In the mean time, Colby is bacheloring it up in our apartment with paper goods to eat on and with as well as a desk, folding table and lawn chairs as furniture.  Don't worry he does have a bed and amidst all the packing I was able to cook and stock the freezer with meals for him that he can throw right in the oven.  
Man he is spoiled!!!

Originally the kids and I were not going to leave St louis until Sept 5.  However, on Sunday, the 26th, we received word that Colby's grandmother had passed only a few minutes before.  
She was 93, and a mother of 7 sons!!!  

This beautiful picture of her is from our wedding.
Photo: We are very sad to announce the loss of our Mother Marjorie Aurelia Johnson; April 6, 1919 – August 26, 2012.  She passed peacefully after spending several days with her family. Our hearts were filled in her final days with her love for her family and by our eternal love for her.  Marjorie was born in Victor, Idaho on April 6, 1919 to William Benjamin and Indria Viola Jones. She spent her early years in the Teton Valley where she met her eternal sweetheart, J. Clark Johnson. They were married in the Logan Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on June 23, 1937. Their family includes 7 sons, 6 daughters-in-law, 23 grandchildren, and many great grandchildren.  Marjorie spent her adult life raising her sons to be honorable men, spending time with her family, and working with her husband in their businesses. She served as a Relief Society President for many years in Everett Washington and knew the value of sisterhood from her family life and church service. In every venture of her life she combined the virtues of hard work, integrity, good humor and compassion. The value of her life is measured by her example of service, by the trust of those she knew, and by her devotion to her family.  Mom, we rejoice in your life, we love you, and we will miss you. Services will be at 2:00 PM on Tuesday September 4, 2012 at Evergreen Cemetery, Everett, Washington. Friends and family may visit preceding the service at 1:00 PM.

Before she passed she was able to meet Eden and she also completed a baby blanket for her and just a few weeks ago we received one for Axel too!! Thank you Grandma! They are beautiful and and so special and we will tell our kids about the amazing woman who made them!

to be continued...

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