Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2 Months

Our little man is growing so fast!!!

He is smiling all the time it seems.  And the other day he laughed!!! Maybe it was just me. ha ha

Here he is with his first sibling inflicted wound.  He was laying on my bed and I walked around the corner and set something on the desk when I heard him cry out in pain.  I spun around and saw Eden standing next to him and said, "What happened?" She replied, "Hit the head."  I looked at his face and saw the damages. 

Eden had scratched his face and seemed to be proud of it.

That same day he was perched on the couch and I heard Uncle Brady say, "Oh Eden!  Be careful!"  I turned to look and saw Eden had wanted to hold him and had pulled him from sitting position and was about to pull him off the couch.  Whoa!  Child!

She is much better now but she just loves to hold her brother.

Size 1 diaper
Started Sleeping through the night at about 3 1/2 weeks!  (Love Him!)
Eats about 5-6oz each feeding
Loves the swing
Has the deepest blue eyes
Loves to clench his fists and then are full of lint
Loves his car seat
Finally has a full head of hair
Has one boink on his left ear just like his sister (Only true Johnson's have boinks)
Still has a little cradle cap

We just love this little boy!!! 
It is so hard for Colby to be away from him.  
He just wants to reach through the web cam and munch on him.  

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jo said...

he really is delicious!