Monday, January 30, 2012

When did this happen?!?!?

My lil girl is 2 years old!!! 

It is true!  Lil Miss Eden had her 2nd birthday this past month.  I cannot believe it!!!  She is growing way to fast!  How do you make it stop???

I had to face reality and figured we should plan a little celebration for this growing girl.

Lately, she has been on a "Tangled" fix so we decided to go with that.  Plus it worked out perfectly for a little tradition that I want to start that I will tell you about at the end.

It was several months ago that we discovered this cute movie.  However, it has never been known as Tangled in our home.  Eden calls it, "horse."  She loves Max the horse.  Unfortunately, all the Tangled decorations are all about Rapunzel so we had to work with that.

A dear friend of ours is a cake decorator and we spent an entire afternoon into the evening working on the CAKE.  I spent all morning baking it then took it over to her house where she did the decorating.   

Isn't it cute how her little boy watches her so intently

All I have to say is I don't know how she does it.  There were a few times where I was getting pretty nervous because we had a very top heavy tower to stick on top of the "grassy" part and I know there were several times when I stopped breathing.  
Not to mention the stressful ride getting home!!! Oh my goodness!

But it made it in one piece and I think it turned out pretty good!

Carrie you are a life savor and we owe you big time!!!  Eden loved her cake!

For decorations we just had to do incorporate the lanterns so I was able to use the exact sun from the movie and download it onto my Silhouette software and cut it out.  Then I used it as a stencil and painted the sun onto 1/2 sheets of paper.  Next we rolled and attached them together and strung them on Christmas lights.

And......Yes, of course we left them up for a few days.

For her birthday dinner we had spaghetti.  Ya know sticking with the hair theme.

It was a wonderful evening.  Several friends stopped by and it made it so special for our little girl.

Last year on her first birthday she was not feeling so well and struggled eating the cake.  
This year she had no reserves.

Now you may be looking at all those presents and be thinking what a spoiled little girl! You are right!!  But just for the record only 3-4 of those came from mom and dad.  The others were all grandparents and friends.  You can keep telling them but grandparents just never stop!  ha ha

A New Tradition
So I decided that wanted to start a new tradition with our children.  On their birthday they will be given the number of balloons associated with that birthday (so of course Eden had 2). 

  For each balloon they will make a wish that will be put into the balloon and then at the end of the day they will let them go.

Now obviously, Eden is a little young for this right now and doesn't really understand, as you can see by the distressed look on her face.  But we had fun with it anyway and she watched them fly away until they were out of site.
She kept saying, "bye bye balloons!"

Gosh I love this sweet little girl!!!  She is my "new dream."  She has brought so much joy into our home and I know that when Colby comes home at the end of long day, no matter what has happened, when he walks in the door and she runs up to him with a hug and kiss all his cares and worries just vanish.  
Eden don't you ever forget that your mom and dad love you!!!


jo said...

your lanterns are amazing. Jacob and i have a similar tradition to your balloons (and it actually matches the Tangled theme). On our anniversary we light a sky lantern for each year we've been married. I love the balloon idea. That's something she'll come to really look forward to.

Jessica :) said...

Holy cow I can't believe she's two already. She's so grown up! Looks like it was a fun party. I love the cake and you are amazing coming up with that lantern idea! I love them!