Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Christmas - Part 2

After spending a few days in Denver we flew to Omaha to spend Christmas day with my family.

And of course we always go to the slides downtown in the old market because Eden LOVES slides!!!

Dada and Momma had a race!! Guess who won and watch how Eden celebrates her win!

 Since I can remember it has always been tradition to frost sugar cookies together as a family.  I wish I would have taken pics of the cookies because we can get pretty creative!  So creative my mom had one she had saved for  over 5 years!!!

Christmas morning I must say was RIDICULOUS!!!  In my family we wrap everything!! Even if it is in your stocking everything gets wrapped.  

"Santa" even surprised momma this year when she saw this little tricycle for Eden.  She loves her bike.  She hasn't quite figured it out but she sure loves to try.  In fact at night sometimes she has to tell her bike, "bye bye bike!"

My brother and his kids were there too which made the morning very chaotic having 3 toddlers.  I am sure many of you can relate. Right??

For FHE we decided to go bowling.  We had a blast!!!

Even Eden joined in on the fun.  

But the lights on the floor were much more entertaining.

For the record I must state that I continue to be undefeated against Colby.  Well, 95% of the time.  I love to bowl.  I wish I did it more often but just don't get the chance too.

We also hit up the children's museum.  Boy is it loads of fun for adults and kids.

It is Colby's dream to milk a real cow and this is as close as he has gotten.  Any one care to oblige?? You would become his hero!

Doing a little grocery shopping

This area was really fun.  All kinds of kinds with air blowing through them.  You would put the little balls in at an entry point and they all would migrate to this center collection spot and then every couple of minutes it would dumb them all on the kids.

Honestly, I think Colby was having the most fun.  Anyone else's husband like that???

Our time eventually came to an end :(  
The trip was needed and we really enjoyed spending time with our families!!!
They were all too generous and we owe them so much.  
But it is always good to be back home and boy were we exhausted!


jo said...

what a fun christmas! i love all the pictures.

Jessica :) said...

Fun Christmas! Colby's dream is to milk a cow? I can tell ya, it's really not that much fun. Cows can be pretty mean, actually. And stinky. Blech. I hope if he ever gets the chance that it meets his expectations. :)