Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas Part 1 - Denver

We headed out of dodge as soon as Colby was done with classes.  We went right to Denver to spend a few days with Colby's family since this will probably be the last Christmas in a while that all the Johnson's will be together. (Colby's youngest brother is awaiting a mission call!!!)

So we got there and and hung out with all of these crazy people!
Jim and Susan

Uncle Brady and Aunt Kelsey
 Colby and his brother spent quite a bit of time in the garage building a sweet frame for their mom.  It is a HUGE sheet metal board that you can put pictures on with magnets and they bought some really beautiful molding and corner pieces.  I will have to get a picture of the completed project.  But it was beautiful!  Good job boys!

Grandpa is a little whacko

It was a very short visit, only 4 days, but we had such a good time!  

Saturday night we got together with some of Jim and Susan's friends, that we have grown to love too, and we all went to a theater downtown and saw a live production of "A Christmas Carol."  My favorite!  I love getting dressed up and going to the theater.  I hope it is something Colby and I continue to do.

sorry for the bad quality - taken with a phone

We did an early Christmas on Sunday night and opened our gifts and gave them their presents as well.  It was Colby's idea to buy, all of his siblings and dad, nerf guns.  So they were all loaded and we had them all open them at the same time.  All I did was to apologize to Susan before they opened them.  
You can imagine what happened next. WAR

Of course we were spoiled by the Johnson's.  Colby got an I-phone, I got some clothes and gift card to my favorite store NYandCo. Also Susan always makes something and this year she made a plaque with pics of Eden and a cook book all decked out with scrapbook paper and made to look all pretty.  It was compiled of all her favorite recipes!!! And boy was I grateful because she has some good ones!  Eden got toys and toys and clothes and more clothes.  

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