Friday, March 25, 2011

February Catch-up

My dad had a few days off in February so he decided to come down and stay with us for a few days.  

Needless to say he enjoyed spending time with this little weirdo!

I have no idea how she does that with her tongue.  Neither one of us can do it!

I also spoiled him and made him our heavenly Chocolate lava cakes among a few other little yummy delights.  Mmmm... sooo good!!!
We had a good visit with him.  I think he was a little bored a lot of the time but there is only so much you can do when you live in an apartment and the baby is napping.  We did make it out and about a few times to the science center, which was a little disappointing and a few other places.  During naps we played probably a hundred rounds of Monopoly deal.  

Thanks dad for coming!  I know that Eden loved spending time with her Papa!!!


Colby started a little tradition in our home. If you missed the story of when we first met you can read it here.  We had tinfoil dinners, ash cakes and roasted starbursts.  So every Valentine's we recreate that night and Colby makes tin foil dinners.  

She was totally in awe of the candles
 This year Eden joined in.  We usually have it "picnic style" on the floor but now that she is mobile... not so much.

Also every valentines I would buy an ice cream cake from coldstone, but this year I decided to make one.
So here is my attempt at mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.  In between are layers of crushed mint oreos with melted chocolate and then I poured melted chocolate on the top.

Just repeat after me.... YUMMY!

He also completes the day with a homemade card.  Every year he has made me a card and every year they get better and better.

1st year - A for effort

2nd year - 3D!!!

3rd year - when you pull on the red card it makes the flower bloom! 

4th year - (this year)  origami lips!  And Eden got one too!

Colby is amazing and so perfect for me!  I love when he tries to be creative!!!!


 Eden continues to make us laugh everyday.  She just keeps getting smarter and more clever and cuter, if that is even possible!

 And Colby continues to find new things to do with her hair.

Or find other ways to amuse himself which usually ends up annoying Eden.  But that's what dads do...right?

Lately, one of Eden's favorite things to do it spin our office chairs.  She does it for at least 15-20 minutes.  She finds it so amusing.

She is the love of my life!!! Who could refuse this cute face!  


Amy and Troy said...

She's getting so much hair. It's so so cute!

Jessica :) said...

Tongue face: so funny! How do kids come up with these things to do? I never know how but I do know it's always fantastic!
Lava cakes: I think you should post the recipe on your blog. :) And maybe the ice cream cake, too. Yummy!
Cobly's cards: so fun! I love it when guys are creative.
Eden: I can't believe how big she's getting. And her hair! Oh my goodness. She's beautiful!

A Simple Tesimony said...

What do you mean by "I love it when Colby TRIES to be creative"???



The Halls said...

She does have a sweet face. I love all the looks.

ashwey said...

She is so. cute. And I can't believe how big she's getting! Glad to see you guys are doing so well.

Jake and Katie Schwabedissen said...

Thanks for the update! It looks like you are all doing son wonderful!!

Sarah said...

Okay, your husband is the most talented card maker I've ever seen. I'm way impressed! And that ice cream cake . . . Incredible! I'm craving ice cream now.