Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I have been dying to get Eden into some activities and classes.  So we found a free introduction class for gymnastics and jumped on it immediately! She has been jumping and climbing all over the furniture lately so I thought maybe would could channel all that energy.

I found a video online on their website and showed it to her and she was stoked!

At first she was very timid and shy, as was expected.  The other students knew the routine so she was a little lost.  But the teachers were really fabulous and took great care to give her attention. 
As soon as they started I was nervous because right off they did summersaults and Eden has yet to master that task.  I think up until this point she has only done it once or twice.  But she did it about 10 times while she was there, so we are getting better.

Next, they moved onto the trampoline, which I thought she would love because she jumps on grandma's everyday.  But there was a little trepidation after her first time on it.

The class was getting ready for their show in couple weeks so they were rehearsing all the different events.  First, she attempted the balance beam and was a champ!

Then they headed over to the parallel bars.

One of those summersault attempts.

She loved these little parallel bars and we were quite impressed with how well she did.

Another one of those summersaults!

She loved the uneven bars!

Especially flipping around on them!

We were so proud of her and had quite the struggle trying to leave. 
We definitely want to sign her up though.  They have camp throughout the summer.  Ever week they have a three hour class where you can drop them off and they do gymnastics, a craft project and snack time.  All of it is centered around a theme like super hero's or cars, trains and trucks.  It really is such a fun little place and can't wait to see her do it again!

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Oh my goodness she is grown up!