Wednesday, May 15, 2013

10 Months

What?!!? My boy is in double digits!

Can't believe I am already thinking about his first birthday. 

This little guy has brought so much joy to our life and to our home.  His smile alone makes any frustration or depressed thought vanish into thin air.

Yeah he definitely needs a haircut but his daddy loves to style it.

He loves to eat puffs and Cheerios.  It makers everything better!

There is only one thing this lil guy does that drives us nuts. In fact it drives everybody nuts! With two teeth on top and two on the bottom he loves to GRIND THEM TOGETHER! Dah!!!
Sends chills up our spine!

He loves his blanky's!!!  My Visiting Teacher has the cutest company called Cutie Petutie Originals.  She makes the most darling blankets.  Anyway, she had discovered that Axel didn't have one yet (Grandma bought one for Eden, Lydia, when she was born).  So she brought me her latest one!  I love chevrons!


No crawling but creeps backwards.
Loves cucumbers and pineapple.
Says, 'uh oh' and da da
Blows raspberries on cue
Leans in and gives kisses! :)
Still abused by his sister
VERY tickelish!

Oh this boy!  I am just obsessed with him!

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