Friday, January 25, 2013

3 Years Old!!!

When did this little girl grow up into a 3 Yr Old?!?

I cannot believe how fast times flies when you have children.  It drives me crazy!

January 18th was the special day and I hope it was special for her.

Starting December 26th, my mind immediately switches over into Birthday mode.  This year I had decided to do a Mickey/Minnie Mouse theme because Eden loves it!!!  Last year, as you may recall, we had a Tangled Theme.  And the weird thing, Eden totally remembers it!! She was telling me all about her cake and the lanterns and letting go of the balloons.  Everyday I am astounded at what this little girl remembers.

That morning I went into her room to get her and take her up stairs to see all the hooplah!

She was a little hesitant to walk through dada's wall of streamers, but she loved them!

I personalized this cute little subway art to commemorate the day and the theme.

Much of the day was spent putting the finishing touches on her cake.

I am, of course, my biggest critic and am usually not so happy with the cakes I make.  However, I learned a few tricks from my friend who made her cake last year.  

I was pretty please with how it turned out.

I think Eden liked it too!

Before all the quests arrived we started to open presents.

I made her shirt just for the occasion!  

Since the grandparents went WAY over board we had to cut the present opening short because our guests were due to arrive and we had some final touches on the food preparation.

All of the food had some sort of Mickey theme to it.  I know some are cheesy but I loved them!

(noticed how the bread, cheese and meet are cut into mickey shapes!)


"CHIPS"- an - "DALE"



Axel was a champ for sporting the mickey hats we made

So the evening turned out real well for Axel and his little girlfriend Jewell.

All I have to saw is she made the first move!
(The look on Axel's face is classic!!!)

Present time again with her friends!

They were a little excited and decided to help her out.

Grandma and Poopah got her a tunnel and tent.  Sure took the men long enough to put it together! ha ha  Thanks Steve you were a real trooper!

She loves her tunnel!!

The evening ended with the tradition we started last year.  She let go 3 balloons (for 3 years old) and made 3 wishes.  Well.. sort of.  I am sure this will get better with age.

There they go!

It was a great day I think and I hope Eden felt special.  She certainly made a haul!!  
I think we may have to have a chat with the grandparents.  

I love my new lil 3 year old!!! Happy Birthday Eden!  


Sarah Osborne said...

I am so impressed! You really went all out. Looks like Eden had a fantastic time.

jo said...

Wow. What a birthday!

Familia Cedeño said...

The party looks so great! You could be an event planner! :) Your children are so adorable! I'm glad things are great for you!