Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Business & Pleasure

Another trip to Denver!!!

However, this time we mixed pleasure with business.  Our main reason for this trip was to solidify some opportunities for employment for Colby.

Also it was a major bonus that it happened to be the weekend of Colby's little brother's farewell!!!

Colby was soooo busy and we didn't see him that much but I am really glad and impressed with the progress he made.  

But of course we squeezed in a little fun too. 

We went bowling and paired up in twos and had a friendly competition.  I love to bowl!!! It is one of my favorite things to do.  But man can I just say it is not easy to do when you have your own "bowling ball."  It really through me off and of course I was trying to take it easy.  However, I am a little competitive so even though I had a good reason I wasn't too happy that I was playing  very poorly.  However, redemption came.  The second round I was paired with my father-in-law and I bowled a 152.  Definitely not my best but I would say pretty good considering I am pregnant.  And......we won!!! Jim and I won round 2!   

"Poopah" teaching Eden about birds.

Seriously!!! That face!!!

It was beautiful weather while we were there so it gave Eden lots of opportunities to play outside.  Gosh it was so nice to have a yard for her to run around and a deck to lounge on.  While we were there she grew quite attached to the trampoline.  Check out this short video.

We also took a drive down to Garden of the Gods.

So incredibly beautiful.  But I was seriously so annoyed that I couldn't rock climb or hike.  I love hiking so it was a real bummer for me.  But it was still fun to be the photographer and carry everyone's junk.  haha

Colby's family left a couple days before we did to get Riley to the MTC.  
Here is the last Johnson Family picture for at least 2 years!

What a good looking bunch!!

The brothers!  I really love this candid shot of them. 
You can't tell that they are related can you?!

It was soo good to be in Denver not only to see family but every time we come I get to see my best friend!  I really love it there!  

Colby worked really hard while we were there and he has a couple of really good leads.  Right now we are doing follow ups and putting our findings together to weigh out the choices.  I sure hope we get in figured out soon.  I still can't believe how close we are to being done!  I never thought we would get here.  It is definitely going to be a bitter sweet experience.  We have made so many good friends and lots of memories here.  However, school is all we know.  We have been doing the school thing our entire marriage, and then some, and I think we are both ready for a new chapter to begin!


Ashley said...

Your hair is SO LONG!!! Also, you are by far one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've ever known. Hugs!

Sarah said...

What a fun trip! I really hope you find something in Denver. I love that place and you would be so happy being so close to family.

Do you know when you'll be leaving St. Louis? We'll be driving through there on June 28th and if you're still around we'd love to get together for dinner or something. I'll shoot you an email about it when I have the details all ironed out. I'm pretty sure it will be the 28th though.