Saturday, September 10, 2011

Last Trip

With Colby starting clinic in a couple of weeks we will probably not be able to leave town during the break between semesters so we took one last trip to Denver.  But we had too because Colby's brother Brady came home from his mission in May and we still hadn't seen him yet.  We just had to introduce him to his one and only niece!!!


She loves her new uncle!

Do you not just love this face!!!

Since this would be the last time we were all together to took a few family photos.

Children of the corn

These trampoline pictures turned out awesome!  Too bad Colby's dad's head is missing.

We quickly learned that my skirt likes to fly up in the air so we had to take some pics over again.  Whoops!  Quite revealing!

While in Denver Colby and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary.  This year we kept it simple because earlier in the year we went to a Josh Groban concert and counted that towards our anniversary.

So we packed up a little picnic dinner and headed out to a beautiful little park up on the hill.

It was a perfect night!

The next day we ended up taking Eden back to play on the super amazing playground we found.

Eden hanging with the boys

While we were there I colored my sister-in-laws hair.  it turned out really cute!

One of the best things about going to Denver is how much I get to see my best friend Jess.  After she graduated college and got married she moved to seattle for 5 years where we hardly got to see each other.  Now I see her a couple times a year!  We love it!  I really hope we end up in Denver because I really miss living close to her.


Jessica :) said...

Your hair is getting long! And that pic of Eden with her mouth open is so great! What a cutie!

Jon and Kari-Lynn Tarleton said...

those trampoline pics are amazing!!! do i see christmas pictures:)??? so glad you had fun!!

Sarah said...

What a fun trip. How about we all just end up in Denver. Wouldn't that be nice!