Sunday, June 5, 2011


Last friday night, (May 27th) I decided to surprise Colby with something out of the ordinary.

I found a fabulous friend of ours to watch Eden and I told him to be ready by 5:30.

We headed to the Macaroni Grill for dinner.  Thank you Jordan and Maureen for the gift card!!  We had a nice little romantic dinner together.  We even sat in a booth on the same bench.  Ahhh.. Usually I always thought that was kind of weird.  But I wanted this to be a fun evening with just the two of us.  So I caved.

Needless to say, all night long Colby kept asking what was going on because originally we were supposed to be heading to Nauvoo around noon.  But I kept my lips sealed.

Shortly after we ordered I handed him an envelope where he found these...

 Now make sure you look nice and close!!!
Yep, Josh Groban!!! But did you see our seats???  ROW 13!!! We were in the aisle too!

I could not believe how great our seats were.  I was a little nervous because I bought the tickets the day before and got a smokin good deal on them.  So I was a little worried.  But they were awesome.

After Colby noticed what the tickets were for he was so excited!  An old roommate of mine (love you Jennifer) got me hooked on Groban and Michael Buble.  I got Colby hooked on Groban since we've been married.  He is the type that listens to music while he studies and Groban is his music of choice.

The opening act was incredible!  His name was Elew (Eric Lewis).  He is an incredible piano player.  He calls his style Rock Jazz.  He didn't even sit on a bench.  He stood the entire time and was sweatin bullets.

The tour that Josh Groban is on is much more intimate than his past tours.  He didn't have all the flare and glamor, kind of disappointing, but it was still cool because he came right down into the audience several times.
He was 3 chairs away from us!

During the concert you could text in questions that he would answer and these girls asked if he would sing "The Prayer" with them.  So he brought them up on stage and sang with them.  Crazy

He even rocked out on the drums for us.

He brought people up on stage who were there for some type of anniversary or birthday.  
Notice the adults have wine and the young boy has milk.

We had an amazing night!  It was so fun to get all dressed up and spend the evening together just us.  


Sarah Osborne said...

We love Josh! So jealous. What a fabulous surprise you created :)

Sarah said...

What a fun date night!! It was inspiring. I think we need one of those! :)

Mike & Britt said...

Sounds like a blast, you are one sweet wife! It's always nice to take a little break without a toddler (:

Jake and Katie Schwabedissen said...

WOW!! That looks absolutely amazing!!

Sarah said...

How Fun! Man you organize a good date. Do you want to put together our next? :)

Jessica :) said...

I am so so SOOO jealous! What a fun date! I'm sure you guys had so much fun doing something just the two of you - Groban was probably just a nice bonus. :)

The SaSSeR's said...

how fun, date nights are fun but are getting to few in numbers for us!! so where are you all living now???