Saturday, January 4, 2014

There's no place like home!

Many of you know that it has been a rough year for us.  People warned us that your first year out of school would be hard, but I guess I was prepared for how hard it would be.  It has really taken a toll on me and I instead of being a support to Colby I felt more like a burden.  I just had to get away and regain my strength and re-hydrate from all the tears I had shed.

So within a couple of days I loaded the kids and we drove to my parents house.  The 7.5  hour drive with the two kids was just fine.  Thank goodness for the army of tumbleweed that we drove through for about an hour because I think that it helped to keep Eden entertained.  However, if any of you remember that old game Frogger, I felt like the frog trying to skip around all the tumbleweed.

When we got there my mother had prepared a good ol fashioned mother dinner.  It was perfect and just what I needed when I walked in the door.

The first day there we went with my brother and his kids to the zoo!  Omaha has the most amazing ZOO ever!!! Unfortunately, it is pretty expensive.  Here is Eden and her cousin Karley.

My parents were such a huge help and really jumped in to take care of Eden and Axel so I could have a little break and some "me" time.

In fact my mother jumped at the chance to bathe the kids and heck why not use the kitchen sink.

They loved it!

My parents took Eden on a couple outings while we were there.  They took her to the park and played on the play ground as well as to the duck pond to feed the ducks and geese!

I think one of the things the kids loved most was spinning in the office chair.  They just kept going and going.  

Axel got the word, "Weee" down pretty well too! 

We also took a trip out to Scheels.  If you haven't been there it is just an over-sized sporting good store.  They have lots of fun things inside to entertain the kids.  It is only $1 to ride the ferris wheel and Eden is tall enough now so she was thrilled to go.  In fact we were the only ones on it!  Usually, there is a ridiculously long line but we picked the perfect time and day I guess.

Of course while we were there we took the kids to the visitor center so my missionary parents could show them off to all the sisters and the Visitor Center directors.  

They also have a little area where kids can dress up like pioneers.  I didn't know that my mother had taken Eden over there and the next thing I see is my lil pioneer walking around the corner!  She looked absolutely darling!!! Doesn't she just fit the part?

We had a great time with my family, but it came and went to quickly.  No one was ready for us to leave and we didn't want to leave either.  But Daddy missed his Eden and Axel.  I was still pulling in the driveway before he was already opening the doors! As you can see he mauled them the rest of the night and wouldn't stop touching them.  

I love watching him love our babies!



Bethany said...

Is the first year out of school so hard because they're working a ton and you never them? I understand that and sympathize. :( No fun. I'm glad you were able to go home for a nice break. :)

a-zcarpenterfamily said...

We are just now at a point where things are looking bright just keep going! Remember 5 years is where you really start seeing the hard work pay off. Don't give up! I'm still waiting on year 5 to come and it will! If you ever need to talk let me know I've been there and still going through it.

a-zcarpenterfamily said...

The first 5 years are rough! We are just starting to see some light and it will come just keep going! If you ever need to talk let me know I know what you are going through because I've been there and I'm still going through it!

Grace said...

I feel for you, this first year out of school really is rough! I'm actually needing some home time myself. I'm glad that you were spoiled a little by your mom. It's nice to take a break from mommyhood for a little while. :)

Emily said...

oh girl... hang in there!! i know EXACTLY how you feel!! i don't think i've ever been as stressed or cried as much as this past year. but we'll get through it!! glad you got to have a little break to go visit your parents. hope your pregnancy is going well!!