Sunday, July 28, 2013

First Hair Cuts

*First Haircuts*

Finally!!! Took us long enough but we finally cuts Axel and Eden's hair!

In fact Eden has never had a haircut.  I just couldn't bring myself to do it!  Her hair was so innocent and, for lack of a better word, virgin!  But it was getting really bad a scraggly that I just had to do it.

But Colby thought it would be funny if Axel had a haircut before Eden every did.  So he went first and he did so well!

Colby on the other hand was not doing well.  He can cut any other guys head with the electric clippers but when it comes to scissors, he was making me nervous.  Susan raised 3 boys and cut all their hair and I insisted that she do it and teach us the tricks.

Then it was little miss Eden's turn!

And of course the weird mom that I am, I saved their hair in a ziploc and put it in their keepsake box!!!  Am I weird or has anyone else done it too???


jo said...

I have a lock of hair from when I was a baby that my mom kept! I love that she did that for me

Sarah said...

That is so funny! I can't even count the number of hair cuts Tennyson has had but I guess he's a boy and that makes it a little different. I usually use scissors on him but Matt used the buzzer this last time and it was so much easier. I'm sure your littles hair cuts turned out great. Thanks for adding the video, Eden is adorable and has the sweetest voice.

Sarah Osborne said...

I'm totally going to keep the hair from my girls' first hair cut! My mom did for me and I've always thought that was so neat :)