Saturday, July 16, 2011


Around the end of June the city we live in holds an even called, "Fire & Ice."  They have booths set up, inflatable structures for kids and they also hold a "Taste of Town & County" where you can sample food from different restaurants in the area.  It is literally just a block from us so we decided to check it out this year.  My neighbor and good friend Alyssa and I headed up there to check it out.  As we were walking we could see big storm clouds rolling in and saw lightening in the distance.  After we entered the parking lot they asked us to cross the street as they were going to be setting off the fireworks anytime because of the storm coming in.

Well, were weren't even 2o steps away when they started them.  Alyssa and I nearly jumped out of our pants!!! Eden didn't even budge!  It was weird to see the fireworks in a lit sky but check out the storm clouds behind them!  It was pretty cool.

Soon after the fireworks had started Colby had finished up his studies and make the walk up the hill to join us.


We had the privilege of house sitting for our friends again this year!  Last year we had my family which worked out so well so they came again this year! 

It was so beautiful and perfect weather to spend lots of time in the pool.

Eden learned how to kick while in the water so she just loved floating all over the pool.

But boy does the water take it out of you!

  Couple of times she would stick her foot over the hole and it would blast her in the face.  Whoops!

My mothers birthday was the 3rd of July so we made her a Chocolate zucchini cake!  Yum yum!

 We also got her this new chair to replace a family favorite.  It sure was a comfy chair over the years but it saw its day and it was time to retire.  So we got a her a new and much more contemporary one!  
She loved it by the way!

Also while my family was in town we went to the Museum of Transportation.  They have an area of old classic cars, boats, and motorcycles.  Someday I want to have an old restored classic car.  I think that they are so fun and would love to have one.  Especially an old convertible that Colby and I can cruise around in.  Ha ha I love it!

I fell in love with this car!!! The Bobby Darin dream car!
Bobby Darin "Dream Car"

They had lots and lots of trains that you could play in and walk through.

Can you see Eden in the window???

There are also a few trains that you can ring the bell.  It was tougher than I thought!
"Just playing around"
Eden created a new memory while we were there.  It was hilarious!  I will have to post about it later.  Had us all in tears we were laughing so hard!
Aunt Ryanne is crazy but she makes Eden happy!

I think she really loves her papa!
My toga baby!(Sort of)

 We had a really good time with my family here.  Nearly every night Ryanne, Dad, and I would stay up late and watch movies.  That was something I looked forward too.  I always love when they come because Colby is so busy and it is nice to have someone around to spend some quality time with that understands you and you can be yourself around them and just have some good laughs.  I really miss them :(


Grace said...

Eden looks just like her Momma! Way fun, I'm glad you got to do such fun things with your family!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for not mentioning the mowing incident.